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The mere mention of football brings in a rush of adrenalin, and this holds true for a large percentage of the population of the world who Watch football. This is a direct evidence of the popularity the great game enjoys globally. And speaking of popularity, animations and cartoons happen to be entities that have a large following glued to the TV screens. When Alphanim and France 2, along with many colleagues decided to club the two elements together, they must have expected an explosion of entertainment. Their experiment went on the desired lines and the result was an absolute juggernaut of excitement that has the audiences riveted for more than 3 years now, in other words, Galactik Football. The French are more known for their somber ways and their love for the more serene art forms. However, Galactic Football series has transcended all barriers and emerged over the years as a pool of exhilarating action and heart pumping plot developments.

Galactik football 

The plot structure of this animated cartoon series is woven around the elements that all the people who watch football or other animated cartoons find most engrossing. The project commenced in 2006 and the world was introduced to the futuristic world of planets like the Akillian and the Shadows. The word GALACTIK is appropriately included in the title. People till then were used to watch football with the conventional set of rules. However, this series brought onto the TV screens a plethora of hair raising phenomenon, most namely, the FLUX, an element of power that makes the football games a war like event.

Galactik football2

The story kicks off with Aarch, the captain of the Akilian team taking a free kick that snowballs into an avalanche, resulting into the Akilian Ice Age. It is after a period of fifteen years that he returns to his land with a purpose to erect a team for his home land that could win the revered Cup. The plot never slackens and is spread over events like the union of the new Akilian team, their match with the former team and the Galactik Football competition with all its ups and downs. This is just for the first season. The plot and concept have been endorsed by those who love animations and those who watch football alike. The audiences have subsequently fallen in love with all the characters of the series. From the strategically adept Rocket to the ambitious Mei, the mercurial Ahito to the dynamic D’Jok; the characters are well defined and have their idiosyncrasies which make them a delight to watch.

Galactik football3

Galactik Football has been a successful venture for the producers and a highly adored series among the masses. Its popularity stems from the fact that the concept blankets the tried and tested formulas and introduces an entirely fresh arena of action, adventure and sport. The animation series has been a favorite now for some years and has already completed two superb seasons of high intensity entertainment, and is into the third season. Seems like there’s no stopping this juggernaut.

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