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Guru Guru Pon Chan is an animated series which is being aired on Cartoon Network at 7:30 PM. It was released in 2000, the author and artist of this series is IKEZAWA Satomi. This series was awarded in 2000; it was published by Kodansha but in United States it was published by Del Rey Manga. It has 9 volumes. It is a story about Ponta who is the pet of Koizumi family; she is a Labrador retriever puppy, she turns into a human being by some mischief and falls in love with the most popular boy at school who is her savior.

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Theme: Grandfather invents a “talking bone” to enable dogs to speak, one day Ponta eats that talking bone and instead of getting the power of speech, she transforms into a human being. After becoming a human she goes out in traffic, the most popular boy of school saves her and she falls in love with him, she wants to be nearer to him that’s why she enrolls in school.

Characters in the series:

Ponta koizumi: Ponta is the main or the leading character of the series, she is very innocent and loyal, and she falls in love with Mirai when he saves her.

Mirai Iwaki: Mirai is considered to be a very patient, reserved and a nice guy; he lives Ponta very much.

Go Fujinaga: Fujinaga loves animals and does not bear animal abuse.

Yuka Koizumi: Yuka is the granddaughter of the one who created the “talking bone”. She is very sweet and a bit emotional. She was interested in Mirai but later on gets another boyfriend.

Soichiro Koizumi: Brother of Yuka.

Grandfather Ji Koizumi: He is the creator of “talking bone”, his family thinks he is crazy. After his first achievement he educates Ponta to how to live like human beings.

Hana Yamaguchi: She is the ex-girlfriend of Mirai; she broke her relationship with Mirai because she wanted to be a celebrity but later she tries to regain Mirai.

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