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Hajime no Ippo “The First Step” or commonly know as Knock Out on Philippines and Fighting Spirit on United States of America is a Japanese manga series that was first released on 1989 is written by one of Japanese famous author Morikawa Jyogi.


The story is about Ippo Makunochi who is a high school student who never had time to make friends to others because he needed to help her mother on their family business; which is boat rental that is used for fishing. Because of the reason that Ippo does not have any friend at all, most of his classmates bullied him after class. Even though he wanted to fight them and stop them from bullying him he doesn’t have the guts to do what he wanted to do. One day, when Mamoru Takamura (a professional boxer is on his roadwork), he sees Ippo beating up hard by his classmates again and decided to help him up and beat up those bullies that hurting Ippo. Because Ippo collapsed from the beating that he has taken from his classmate, he was brought and treated on Kamogawa Gym (A placed where Takamura is trained as professional boxer). And when Ippo woke up, Takamura ask him to express his anger out by punching the sandbag and so Ippo punch the sandbag with full force. Because of the impact made of his strong punch, Genji Kamogawa a retired boxer and owner of the said gym sees Ippo’s potential of being a boxer. And because Ippo wanted to know the feeling of how to be strong he takes this opportunity to train and be a professional boxer. When on training he meet Ichirou Miyata that is ahead of him, but fortunately on a training match he accidentally knock him out. Because of this Ichirou decided to leave the Gym so that they can fight someday on a real title match.

Hajime no Ippo is a real good anime and manga series because of the reason that in every fight that Ippo undergo he always learn something new. We won and he loses a very balance outcome that seems natural on every boxer’s life. The genres of the story which are suspense, action, drama, comedy and sports add up on its fun factor. The story revolves not only on Ippo’s life but also to the life of other boxers such as Itagaki Manabu, Kimura Tatsuya, Aoki Masaru, Sendou Takeshi, Miyata Ichirou and so much more. There are currently 911 chapters on its manga series which is titled as The Distance between Them and 26 episodes on anime series titled New Challenger.


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