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Kid vs. Kat is a animated television series which was produced in Canada by Studio B Productions and currently being aired in Disney XD. Kid vs. Kat is story of a 10 year old boy who always fights with his sisters Cat which is actually an Alien. The boy whose name is Coop who always wants to stay away from trouble and is an average boy. But his life is turned into hell when his sister Millie gets a Cat whose name is Mr. Kat from somewhere thinking it as a Stray Cat. Millie is a spoiled girl and hates Coop as he is always after his Cat whom she loves a lot. Coop in the first sight itself thinks that the Kat is evil and he soon comes to know that the Kat is a cybernetic alien.

kidvskatCoop wants everyone to know this truth in his family but he is often injured or humiliated when he tries to prove that Kat is a alien. Kat messes up the home every time and Coop is blame. Coop is Kat’s Biggest enemy whom she hates alot. Coop thinks the Kat want to take over the world but actually Kat just want to go back to her Planet. The Kat always make plans to get to her home but it is spoiled by Coop who thinks she is trying to take over the world. Everyone thinks Coop is insane who thinks that the Kat is a evil alien. Only his best friend, Dennis understand him and helps him. Mr. Kat or just Kat is a Alien cat who looks like an Sphinx Cat Just like one shown in Mummy and thinks that she is stuck in Earth only because of Coop and hence hates him alot and is always trying to trouble him. But she loves Coop’s sister Millie as soon in some episodes. Kat is always trying to get home but his plan are spoiled by Coop so she always try to plant some traps to keep Coop away from her plans.

kid katDennis is best friend of Coop as mentioned before who is always trying to help him to stop the evil plans of Kat but often get caught by Kat and is rescued by Coop. Even some times Phoebe appears who has a crush on Coop and often Annoys him. Kid vs. Kat is a very popular animation series in most of the countries especially US, Canada and India. It has got many awards too Like the Best Animation Program in 2009 and Many other. So don’t forget to Watch Kid vs. Kat on Disney XD.


  1. i watch katvskid and i love it.i must be cafeful not to dream about it.that sounds crazy but i do love it sooo much.its a shame people dont like it.

  2. i started seeing kid vs kat inthe age of 5 while iam in my friends house.i like phiona ,coop and dennez. people who are not watching this are crazy because they dont know what is real fun

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