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My Giant Friend is a new Alien based cartoon series aired in Cartoon Network. I think they though to telecast it after the Great Success of Ben 10 which also was a alien based series. My Giant Friend starts when a 12 year old boy Linus meets a Giant Alien, Boom who can transform into a human anytime. Children usually get scared from alien but he ask alien for friendship and they become best friends in course of time.

mygiantLinus is the head of the Astronomy club with some really cool gadget and his own laboratory like Dexter. Linus and his friends with Boom then Starts a mission to protect the aliens and earth from SDC (Space Development Center), who are after all the Aliens who comes to Earth to capture them and take over the Universe. The story continues with adventure of Linus and his friends how they save the aliens from SDC and also saves the world. SDC wants to capture Boom too as he is really powerful but Linus never lets that happen with the help of his friends. My Giant Friend has some really cool and sweet aliens in addition to Boom.

mygiant2My Giant Friend is Produced by PMMP, Timoon Animation, SAMG which are one of the leading producers in the field of 3D animations. Though My Giant Friend was released in 2009 it was brought to India like one month before and is getting quite a response from the children. It doesn’t have so many shows yet but i hope they are still making the series. Overall My Giant Friend is a Nice mixture of Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama all packed up in one Series. So Don’t Miss the Episodes of My Giant Friend in Cartoon Network.


  1. Please donot stop the serial My Giant Friend on Cartoon Network at 7.30 p.m.If you want to change the time of this serial please set the time at 4.00 p.m or 8.00 p.m.I will be very be very thankful to you.

  2. yup… my giant friend really goooooooood and coool cartoon but linus thats coool and smart i like linus.. !!! 🙂

  3. ok thanks you… 😛

  4. hi hello howz u look i really like this type of cartoons sooooo i thankfull 2 u that u make this kind of cartoons thank u i really love my all giant friends bye take care

  5. my gaint friend is very best cartoon of cartoon network and i reequist to don.t stop this cartoon is best

  6. my gaint friend is really really really best cartoon i love this cartoon…

  7. I like and love my giant friend and i daily watch this cartoon ..



  9. I Love This Cartoon.Linus is Best.i Watch This Cartoon At 7.30 p.m;D

  10. That is my favurite cartoon MY GIANT FRIEND I Daily watch this cartoon and Linus is my favurite !!!

  11. SARAH mudassir says

    I love This Cartoon and please don’t stop this cartoon ever, i like also 3 kids.

  12. he is very best cartoon I like this cartoon and I like both episode of this cartoon

  13. Azaan Niazi says

    I like my giant favorite characters are Linus,Iris,Taki and Monroe

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