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Roll No 21 is a brand new cartoon series which is going to premier on Cartoon Network on 14 November 2010, the day which is celebrated as Children’s Day. According to a little information provided about the series by Cartoon Network. The series is a story of Kanishk and Lord Krishna. Kanishk has just become the principal of a orphanage in Mathura and he has cruel thing going on in his mind. He is not a nice person and doing all this for love and kindness. But he is after the children of the Mathura Orphanage and wants to train them and convert them to evil. He wants to build a army for himself by making them into Zombies and Monsters. The worst part is people thing he is a large hearted person and loves children, so he decided to become the principal of the Mathura orphanage. But this is not really true and he is planning the biggest revenge of his life against the Mathura people who worship Lord Krishna.

Roll no 21

But some how their is a SOS sent to the Holy Council of Gods from a undercover Orphanage and then they keep a meeting to plan on what to do and how to save the Mathura Orphanage. Lastly they decide to send Lord Krishna as a normal school guy just like others named Kris to save the children from the evil principal and hence safeguard the Mathura Orphanage and Mathura. But as soon as Kris reaches the Orphanage, Kanishk comes to know that he is Lord Krishna and the battle begins which is actually full of laughter and fun. The series has a lesson conveyed in a very innocent way. I think everyone must Watch Roll No 21 On Cartoon Network. So don’t forget to watch this amazing fun filled cartoon series on Cartoon Network on 14 November 2010.


  1. Prakash Khanchandani says

    I watched it today and it was really a wonderful show… a modern take on Krishna-Kans story…..with very good animation compared to other shows about Krishna…but I think it is not made by Indian Cartoon Network…..whatever the case, I liked it!! 🙂

  2. roll no 21 is a good cartoon krishna is so power ful in that cartoon and it is very good cartoon

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