Watch Tripura on Cartoon Network

Tripura is a new series which will be aired on Cartoon Network. After the success of Roll no 21, Cartoon Network is getting back to Indian mythology with the series called Tripura. Though much information about the series is not known. It has been found out that the series revolve around three magical airborne cities, named Tripura which is build by Maya for providing a safe location for Asura to hide and plan their further attacks.


The Devas killed King Taraka who was one of the strongest Asura and also the king of Asurlok. After his death all the Asuras had no choice rather than hiding somewhere and saving their lives. Seeing this the great Asura Maya uses his magical powers to build three magical airborne cities, named Tripura each of them will be ruled by one of the Taraka’s son. Then the three young princes of Tripura worship lord Brahma, who is also the creator of the world and wishes to make the Tripura indestructible so now the Tripura cannot be destroyed by anyone except Lord Shiva, who is also know as Destroyer of evil.

Now after they receive the blessing of Lord Brahma they start to plan Invasion on Devlok, the place where Devas reside and the three princes wants to take revenge of their father’s death. When Indra, the king of Devlok comes to know this. He is in a very big problem that how is he going to kill some one who is blessed by the creator himself. The series is going to be full of action and adventure for sure. So don’t forget to Watch Tripura on Cartoon Network on January 30, 2011 at 12 PM IST.


  1. I loved this movie and ‘m willing to purchase a DVD copy of this so can anyone please help me out in getting this.

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