Zenmai Zamurai

Zenmai Zamurai is an anime series currently being aired on Hungama TV. Zenmai Zamurai is the main character of the series. This anime series is especially popular among the school students. Zenmai Zamurai normally keeps the sword at his waist named Hissho Dango. This sword has four dango, rice dumplings fixed on it. He places wind-up screw on top of his head.

Until the beginning of the Meiji era (1868), Tokyo was called Edo. The story happened to take place in the future city Karakuri Oedo, which is the unique and the imaginary view of the Tokyo city. Tokyo would be like Karakuri Odeo, if modernization had not taken place in Tokyo. Zenmai Zamurai lives in this wonderful and mysterious future city.

Zenmai Zamurai

Let’s discuss the background of the story. Zennosuke, now known as Zenmai Zamurai was a man who had passion about using dumplings. Seeing the passion of Zenmai Zamurai, the Fortune God, Daifuku-no-kami helped Zenmai Zamurai by putting a wind-up screw on his head. The Fortune God used to twist the wind-up-screw in order to increase the lifespan of Zenmai Zamurai, whenever he is involved in any fine deed.

Interesting to know that the Zenmai Zamurai sword dumplings were so tasty that whenever he happened to make his enemy eat one of those dumplings, his enemy felt real pleasure, remorse his bad deeds and turns out into a good person. The Fortune God, Daifuku-no-Kami promised Zenmai Zamurai that he will turn him into an original human if he would do 108 fine and excellent deeds. Therefore, Zenmai made his mission to eradicate evil deeds from the world.

Zenmai Zamurai 2

Zukin was the heroine of the series and Zenmai Zamurai always looked towards Zukin for getting moral support. The characters and storyline are unique and attractive. Zenmai Zamurai was first debuted on TV in the year April 2006. This series is available on CDs and DVDs, so children and fans can easily enjoy this wonderful series.

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