Mojacko – A feast for summers!

Mojacko is the new show for kids which have started on Pogo from 16th of April, 2012 on Monday to Friday. Kids can enjoy this new fun packed show at 4pm on their t.v sets. The best thing about this series is the constant 5 day entertainment, which is the great news for kids.


The story of Mojacko revolves around an average student Sorao, spending an ordinary life of a kid. He is not less strong but often unmissable in the trials. The story twists when he meets accidently with the two aliens Donmo and Mojacko, stranded on the planet earth. The series further moves around with so many funny and thrilling adventures, which Sorao faced while sending back both the aliens to their planet.


Mojacko and Donmo are also the main attraction of the series, who are quite different from one another. Mojacko has a long tongue and has many tools in his mouth, which are quite useful when they stuck in a problem. Whereas, Donmo is the robot, often become unconscious when have sweets.


The series will become more amusing when Sorao reach the alien’s planet with Kowauno, who is the childhood friend of Sorao. She is quite reliable and bold, always ready to help Sorao, as she loves him deeply.


Mojacko also gives a lesson of courage and bravery, that how to manage hardships of life and help others in their hard times. Kids will admire this sensational series, as it contains lots of lessons regarding the ups and downs of life. Thanks to Pogo for starting Mojacko, as it is the feast of this summer.

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