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Bruce Kalish, who happens to be known as a producer and writer having been associated with quite a variety of Power Rangers television series, is the man behind the creation of the live-action, adventure series, Aaron Stone. While from the overall look of it, Aaron stone might appear like just another action, adventure television show which are so commonly produced these days, its single camera filming make the series quite distinct.


The action-adventure television show was first broadcasted on February 13, 2009 on Disney XD on the same day that the cable television channel itself was launched. After two successful seasons, with the last episode of the 2nd season concluding on July 30, 2010, the decision was made that the show would not be renewed for a third season.

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For those who actually missed out on the action, for the starters the experience of viewing this adventure television series would indeed be quite different due to the single camera filming. The plot of the television show following Charlie Landers portrayed by Kelly Blatz who is a teenager who has a videogame Avatar that has become known all over the world by the name of Aaron Stone, who is featured in Hero Rising. Now he is contacted to actually live the life of his avatar in reality. The show follows Charlie’s Adventures as he truly takes on the role of Aaron Stone. As much as he has sidekicks at his corner, he also gets a fair share of villains to go against as well. Thus overall is a show that would surely get everyone indulged. Play Aaron Stone Games Online by visiting the link below.

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