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Pogo TV, the television station being broadcasted in India has become quite widespread in Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and India itself, among the young kids, for its vast variety of distinct television series and even cartoons. Cambala Investigation Agency is a television series that is no different. CIA, as it is called in short, is set in the fictional town of Cambala where D. L. Kulkarni, who happens to be the police inspector of the town is in charge of solving the local crimes but it is in fact the Cambala Investigation Agency who always beat him to it, solving the crimes way before him.


The Cambala Investigation Agency, on which the show is actually based upon is actually a group of children who are always set to solve crime efficiently and effectively before the actual authorities of the town do so. The five children among the CIA include Rohit Ghosh, who is portrayed as a complete jock having an interest in a variety of sports while being the ‘Master of Disguise’ among the group, Sucheta Duggar, the geeky one, who is quite serious but a big brainy as well, Nikki Mehra, Ishaan Mehra, who provides the group with the gadgets they require and Farhan Siddiqui. Dum Lagake’ Kulkarni, is the town’s inspector who serves as a source of comical laughter, while the group is faced with numerous enemies.


The television series had a successful first season with each episode lasting half an hour. The series’ plot was spread into the season such that every three episodes continue a single mystery that had to be solved. Play Cambala Investigation Agency (Pogo TV) Games Online by visiting the link below.

Cambala Investigation Agency Games

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