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on July 1st, 2010 by Vishal in Games Play Chhota Bheem (Pogo TV) Games Online

Chhota Bheem is a awesome cartoon series recently started by Green Gold Animation Pvt. Ltd. who brought one of the greatest Indian cartoon series “Krishna” and now they are back with all new Chhota Bheem also know as “Mighty Little Bheem”. This is the beginning of great cartoons being made by India. Chhota Bheem is a very nice cartoon series in which Bheem is shown in his childhood where he is 9 years old. Bheem is a character of Epic Mahabharata and is known as the strongest man in the world. Here in Chhota Bheem the young Bheem is also shown as very strong who gets his power from Ladoo and becomes more powerful by eating Laddu.


It is a story of a imaginary village Dholakpur. Though the series is not related to Epic Mahabharata but it is nicely written and shown. The story continues where his rival Kalia Pahelwan tries to embarrass him in everything because he is jealous of Bheem and he is helped by his friends Dholu and Bholu. Who are always troubled by Kalia too. But Chhota Bheem is not alone he has his friends Chutki, Raju and Jaggu the monkey who are his best friends indeed. They are also troubled by Kaalia but Bheem Saves them. Chhota Bheem also saves the kingdom many times from various monster and culprits. Chhota Bheem is the favorite of the king of Dholakpur so Kalia is always jealous of Chhota Bheem.

aaChhota Bheem is shown in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu and is loved by children and their parents. We must be proud of such series which depicts the tradition and culture of India. So i decided to present you all with excellent Chhota Bheem games which i found in Chhota Bheem official site and i myself played them. It was very nice game and their are many more. I was able to make 6800 points so lets see how much you guys can make. Really an amazing series of Chhota Bheem games by green gold animations.

Here is the link to Play Chhota Bheem games :

1. Chhota Bheem Game 1

2. Chhota Bheem Game 2

3. Chhota Bheem Game 3

4. Chhota Bheem Game 4

5. Chhota Bheem Game 5

6. Chhota Bheem Game 6

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55 Responses to “Play Chhota Bheem (Pogo TV) Games Online”

  1. nishitha says:

    games r superb

  2. gopika says:

    i like to see chhota bheem,but i hope the games should also be very good game

  3. vini says:

    it is a very beautiful show ………. it is a very intersting …….

  4. jeevan kumar n says:

    chota bheem cartoon show is really a wonderful serial. It helps children to improve their vocabulary, inculcates values.

  5. jessica says:

    really nice game i love it

  6. anurag says:


  7. chai.manvi says:

    chota bheem is is asome show suber!

  8. Dhanushree says:

    Nice n good show.i like it.

  9. akshith says:

    chota beem is my favourite cartoon and i’ll see it every day.the games and the cartoon they show in the t.v is very good than all the cartoons and games

  10. Dhanushree says:

    pogo has done a job thank u for pogo n i like pogo

  11. aneela says:

    I like pogo very much since it has beautiful programs. I like chhotabheem the most.

  12. Prince says:

    It is my favourite cartoom and never miss it.I love Chhota bheem

  13. soujanya says:

    it is a good programme & when i see DHOLU and BHOLU in it i remember my brothers who are same as them.

  14. charupriya says:

    i love chhota bheem and i love all the charecters in that. my four favourite characters are bheem, chutki ,raju and jangu

  15. arif says:

    it is a good game

  16. Baishnawi says:

    I luv chutki of choota bheem

  17. Rupali says:

    Its a really fantastic show

  18. abhishek says:

    chhota bheem is absolutly the serial far kids as well as their is a good show.keep doing well!!!!!!

  19. Harshit says:

    i like it awesomely

  20. brinda hasini says:

    i like chhotabheem very much and i like to be like chutki

  21. saumya trivedi says:

    i like chota bheem very much

  22. Mahashweta says:

    guys play it mann!
    its just awesomly awesome

    play it!

  23. BINIT VERMA says:



  24. zaid ajaz says:

    I love to see chhotbheem
    i never missed the programe
    when bheem fights with the evils i love when he fights .

  25. arpit bansal says:

    very nice show

  26. abhishek says:

    i like very much

  27. khizra says:

    i like very much chhota bheem . . . i did not 4get to watch ur programmes

  28. MOUNIKA says:


  29. Phanindra says:

    it is a superb program…I used to watch it daily in POGO….the faces of Chota bheem and raju are funny and superb while eating ladooo

  30. tanuja and kanishka says:

    I simply love and enjoy chhota bheem with my sister

  31. Sumant says:

    i love choota bheem show too much because when i see kalia i remember my cousin who was very fat like kalia and do exercises too much for body building.

  32. pragathi says:

    i just love my super hero chhota bheem………i love watching every single episode….i seriously love the ladoo chhor:*;) and also the other characters….!! just love ’em……:)

  33. mohd kaleem ullah says:

    “CHOTA BHEEM” is incredible cartoon,among the other cartoons.i wish long journey and never ends .after ‘jungle book’ its the best.

  34. metha says:

    i like chotabheem.i like raju,jaggu,bheem,chutki a lot.

  35. sagar says:

    chhota bheem is very boooooooring cartoon.I want to watch a super hero cartoon on pogo.

  36. meet says:

    pogo is a best cartoon channel. and i like chota bheem,mr.been. i m just love them.

  37. krishani says:

    i like chota bheem ballon blaster games.

  38. krishani says:


  39. ARJUN says:


  40. aliyan ahmed says:

    i love you chhota bheem

  41. jia ahmed says:

    pogo is the best way for kids

  42. Pooja Sarkar says:

    i am the biggest fan of Bheem

  43. Pooja Sarkar says:

    i like bheem,chutki,raju,jagu a lot.i don’t miss a single brother too.

  44. krishna says:

    one of my favorite part of chota bheem is “BHEEM vs ALIENS”

  45. aakash says:

    very awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gameeeeeeeeeee

  46. utsav says:

    very niccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccce

  47. srijani says:

    The game as well as the cartoon show are just AWESOME!!! I am a great fan of chota bheem and his friends!

  48. Md.huzaif inamdar says:

    chhota bheem rocks

  49. AMISHA says:

    One of the best show which I like in POGO………….

  50. Amisha says:

    Awesome games and shows I like Chutki,Raju,Jaggu and of course Bheem the most……I NEVER EVER MISS A SINGLE EPISODE

  51. AMISHA says:


  52. Chintu says:

    I want choota bheem in my house . I want to be like him

  53. kriti says:

    i lyk chota bheem very much if i were chota bheem i would michevious things i hope it will comes true

  54. rakesh says:

    I like chota bheem i want to become like chota bheem

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