Play Chibi Maruko-chan Cartoon Games Online

Chibi Maruko-chan Cartoon or simply maruko cartoon was created by Sakura Momoko to show the childhood memories of young women. But it became very popular among the children also .The characters were full of humor and had children glued to the TV during the show.

marukoMaruko is a very sweet girl who hated doing her homework and tried all she can to avoid doing homework by taking advantages of her grandfather and her sister. The chibi maruko chan mp3 had become very popular at that time and many children loved listening to chibi maruko chan song .

Here is a awesome chibi maruko-chan game for you people to play and see chibi maruko-chan in live action .


  1. I love Maruko . She is very cute and nauthy. It will always be my all time favourite cartoon……

  2. Noah0zara says

    I really love maruko.. And i really miss this cartoon… she is so cute and i like her things what she do and the naughty things… and i like the songs opening and ending also ^_^…

  3. Aritra Banerjee says

    I love maruko chan <3 🙂 I miss her a lot I wish I could have a sister like maruko in real life she is sooooo cutie pie ^_^

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