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Chor Police is a new animated series, which is currently being aired on Hungama TV. Most of us have been listening to Chor Police stories since our childhood and also most of the movies today have Chor Police involved in their storyline. So, I believe this is what influenced Hungama TV to start a new animated series on the same plot to attract children and adults. This series is an original series and not like Shin Chan, Kochikame, Doraemon which were adopted from Japanese Manga. The series was started with Kya Bakra hai and is quite famous among kids. 

Chorr Police

Chor Police is mostly a silent series with very little audio involved in it. The Chor or the thief is named Anthony, who is very funny and is always trying to steal one thing after the another and due to this he finds himself in various adventures one after the other. He is very lucky as he always succeeds in stealing the things he wants to steal. But after stealing when he tries to elope he is always caught by a Policeman named Lovely Singh, who is a healthy man and always catch Anthony red handed. Lovely Singh is a Punjabi and we all know that Punjabi’s are known for their courageous nature.


Anthony and Lovely Singh are always on a battle with chasing and catching involved just like Tom and Jerry. There is only one difference that Tom is not able to catch Jerry but Lovely Singh always Catches Anthony. Anthony is also very intelligent and makes new plans every time like digging a tunnel or disguising as a rich lady etc. So Lovely Singh doesn’t recognize him. Overall Chor Police is a Fun-Filled Adventurous Series. Play Chor Police Games Online by visiting the link below.

Chor Police Games


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    Amazing game

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    Chorr police,very amazing.

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