Play Donald Duck Game Online

Who doesn’t know Donald duck and Mickey Mouse. One of the greatest cartoon series ever made. Donald duck the duck is a really sweet duck who does funny stuffs and gets in trouble and amuse the people. Donald duck is originally an American cartoon series by Walt Disney Company. Donald duck is a sailor and he is almost in sailor dress only which makes him look even more cuter. Many doesn’t know this but Donald duck full name is Donald Fauntleroy Duck.

donaldDonald duck is not only famous in America but its very famous in other countries too. Donald duck Birthday is on June 9 according to some sources. Donald duck is often seen with Mickey Mouse who doesn’t need any Intro. So here i present a really cool game of Donald duck. Where Donald duck is lost in time and he has to fix his time machine and get back. Play the Donald duck Game online here.


  1. Nice and cool game ,.. I will bookmark it. Graphics is cool.

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