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Dragon Booster is a animated series which is aired on Disney XD. Dragon Booster is a story of Artha Penn, who is a normal guy who rides Beaucephalis, the dragon of legend. Artha Penn becomes the Dragon Booster and his aim is to protect the war between the Dragon and Humans and unite the dragon and humans so they can live together. Dragon Booster is basically an animated series which was originated at Canada and had only like 39 episodes as there was no future plans to continue the series and hence there are many request made by the fans to continue the second season of Dragon Booster.

dragon-boosterMost of the characters in Dragon Booster like Artha Penn, Lance Penn, Kitt Wonn, Parmon Sean, Mortis are named after the characters which were in the tales of King Arthur. I am sure Dragon Booster have a great fan following and I came across its fan Site and Forums which had ample number of members. Dragon Booster is a great Adventure cum action series which has some extraordinary stunts and shows the future world where Dragon and Humans live and their are people called Dragon Booster who are determined to restore peace between Dragon and the Humans which isn’t so easy as there is soon going to be a war between the Human and the Dragon. The Dragons shown in the Series are really awesome which are of different colors and looks really sweet. The series is more like 3D and which makes it look better. The Dragons are loved by Children and Teenagers which made the series a hit and the Action in the series makes it better. To Play Dragon Booster Games Online you can visit the link below.

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