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The animated television series Fish Hooks is the creation of Noah Z. Jones, who is also an animator, illustrator and a writer. Fish Hooks was initially featured on September 3rd, 2010 on the Disney Channel where it was previewed for 11 minutes. After much viewer appraisal and being attractive for a vast variety of young kids, the animated series was eventually finalized; having successful first season that ran from September 24th, 2010 till April 29, 2011. Due to the immensely popularity of the series and the liking it received from the young kids, the show is currently under production to be renewed for a second season.


As the name of the animated television series suggests, the setting is entirely underwater. The plot of the animated show mainly follows Milo who is a fish in his adolescence age, along with Oscar, who is Milo brother and is really shy, as well as Bea, their best friend who is a Goldfish and tends to be a bit ‘over dramatic.’ All three of them are attending an underwater fish school within an aquarium which is present in a pet shop. The show mainly follows the everyday life of these three fishes along with the involvement of other characters and eels as enemies, who tend to constantly attack them. Since these fishes are portrayed to be at a teenage age they even tend to have the usual problems that every normal teenager has to face. The series is indeed quite unique and would appear more attractive for young children. Play Fish Hooks Games Online by visiting the link below.

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