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Garfield and Friends is an animated series which is currently being aired on POGO TV. Garfield and Friends is based on the famous Comic Script Garfield By Jim Davis. The comic strip is very famous and is featured daily in Times of India, which is one of the leading newspaper of India.  The series has like 7 seasons with a total of approximately 350 episodes. The series is also one of the longest running Saturday morning cartoon series as no other cartoon series had so many seasons. Garfield and Friends features the Garfield and the U.S. Acres, which is also a popular comic strip. This awesome animated series was written by Mark Stephen Evanier and directed by Jeff Hall.

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Garfield is the main character of the series. Garfield is popularly known as An Orange Meatball with Stripes by Jon, who is his owner and best friend. Garfield is a Fat, Lazy Cat who wants to do nothing rather than sleeping and eating. Garfield loves irritating Jon, Troubling Odie and is always trying to get rid of Nermal. Garfield was shown in only some episodes of U.S. Acres and is mostly seen in his own episodes. Unlike other Cats Garfield hate chasing and eating mice and also has his very good friend Floyd, who is a mouse.

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Jon Arbuckle is the owner of Garfield and also his best friend. He is always annoyed by the Garfield activities. Jon has very poor luck with women but he loves Dr. Liz and in some episodes it has also been shown that they both go out for dinner. He always Punishes Garfield by taking him to Vet and he has only one mission that is to make Garfield to make work and chase catch mice. Which Garfield is never going to do.

Garfield and odie

Odie is a stupid looking dog but in most of the episodes he amazes the people by his activities and also saves the day. Garfield doesn’t really like Odie and his always trying to kick him out off the kitchen table but in long run Garfield starts liking Odie. Odie is the only character in the series who doesn’t talk and bark instead.


Nermal is a cute grey color Kitten who also thinks that he is the Worlds Cutest Kitty. He is very kind and playful but is always irritating and annoying Garfield. He always keeps bragging about himself due to which Garfield always wants to mail him to Abu Dhabi. Nermal is actually male but most of the viewers thinks Nermal is a girl due to his feminine character.


Orson is the main character of U.S. Acres or Orson’s Farm. Orson is a pig whose loves reading books. Orson is very friendly and is always ready to help others. The missions of Orson is to make Roy do the correct things and to make Wade brave. He is scared of his brothers Wart, Gort and Mort who are always bullying Orson and trying to steal vegetables from his farm.

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These are some of the main characters of Garfield and Friends. Garfield and Friends is an excellent animated comedy series which is very famous in many countries including India. You can Play Garfield and Friends Games Online by visiting the link below.

Garfield and Friends Games Online

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