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on June 14th, 2012 by Vishal in Games Play Heroman Games Online

Heroman is currently being aired on Disney XD. Bones, who is the producer of Heroman, has done a fantastic job with the production. The series quality is amazing with smooth animation and the music is catchy.


The character is illustrated by Tamon Ohta. The character is an inspiration that deals with science like spaceship, steal weapons, alein and so on. According to the story the character must be strong as to save earth and so it is. His body is huge covered with steel in an American flag with a small face covered with a steel helmet. The illustrator has used his immense imagination power to create this character. The character is designed in such a way that it made itself suitable to the title.


The story reveals a poor boy Jeoy who was orphan and was staying with his grandmother. He earned his living by working in a restaurant. He heard lot about a new robot toy called Heybo. He could not afford to buy one. One day he was walking through a street, he saw broken Heybo abandoned by school bully. He fixed it up and named it Heroman. That night rain turned out. The robot turned into real, giant Heroman. He shares his powers with Joey and helps him save the world from aliens.


Hence the character Heroman withstands the story. The series of Heroman is humorous and full of adventures too. The story is simple but the designing and representation of the character and the environment created makes it interesting and a fun to watch series filled with action and adventure. So don’t forget to Watch Heroman on Disney XD every Monday to Friday at 5 PM IST and Play Heroman Games Online by visiting the link below.

Heroman Games

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