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Huntik is an Italian animated series which is currently being aired on Disney XD. Huntik is created by the same person who created Winx Club, Iginio Straffi. Huntik has like 2 season and a total of 26 episodes. Huntik is a great combination of adventure, action, comedy and drama. It is a story of a group of seekers who are travelling different parts of the globe in search of amulets which have the power to evoke different kinds of monsters with different ability.


Long back, Humanity had to fight against an evil which had great power. Only a group of people called Seekers, who could evoke the legendary creatures with great ability using their amulets had the power to defeat this evil. The legendary creature who were evoked by using amulets were called as Titans who used to obey every order of the seekers who evoked them. Titans had unimaginable powers and ability and by the help of Titans, seekers could successfully destroy the Evil.


As the time passed on most of the Titans were forgotten and most of them were buried in earth during battle. Now these titans are awaiting to be evoked by new group of seekers. After centuries, Seekers have re-arrived and are in search of Titans. The Huntik foundation is managing these seekers and helping them to find the Titans so they can get benefit from their powers. But they are not alone even a secret organization led by a evil professor wants to get hold of these amulets and evoke titans to fulfill his evil needs. So don’t forget to Watch Huntik On Disney XD and find out who will be able to get hold of these amulets and invoke the legendary creatures. You can Play Huntik Games Online by visiting the link below.

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