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Almost every child and even the adults of today know about Peter Pan, the highly successful Disney franchise. In fact the franchise has recently served as inspiration Disney Junior musical animated original show, Jake and the Never Land Pirates. The show switched from Playhouse Disney and aired on Disney Junior on 14th February, 2011.


The plot of the show revolves around Jake (Voiced by Colin Ford), Izzy (Voiced by Madison Pettis), Cubby (Voiced by Jonathan Morgan Heit), the three pirate children who are in search of treasure in Never Land. Captain Hook (Voiced by Corey Burton) serves as the main nemesis of the group and an obstacle in their quest for treasure. He is usually seen thwarting the children’s plans and stealing whatever he can from them, while the children are then forced to get it back. Whenever Jake and his crew solve such a ‘Pirate Problem’ they are rewarded with gold doubloons which they are seen counting during the show. The cast of the show also includes Skully (Voiced by David Arquette), the team’s guardian green bird, Mr. Smee (Voiced by Jeff Bennett). Jeff Bennett alongside Loren Hoskins, also voice the singing characters ‘Sharky’ and ‘Bones’.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Up till now 14 animated episodes have been aired in the first Season of the show. Two eleven minute animated episodes are included in every program of the show that is broadcasted. At the end of each episode, the Never Land Pirate Band is featured in a live-action song. Anyone who is a fan of Peter Pan is sure to find this show entertaining enough. Play Jake and the Neverland Pirates Games Online by visiting the link below.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates games

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