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For all the fans of cartoon series while mainly indulging in the Cartoon Network cartoons, it was in the year 2006 that an adventurous and witty cartoon aired for the first time on the channel and that animated television series was Johnny Test.

The year 2006 was an age of action and adventure animated series like Yu-Gi-Oh, The Batman, Xiaolin Showdown and many more, but the presence of wit and quite a fictional setting.

Johnny Test

This animated series in fact follows the Test family where the protagonist, Johnny Test, the only brother to his twin sisters, Susan and Mary who are nothing but super geniuses and the only son to his parents who are shown to be rather conscious. While the show mostly revolves around Johnny, who has rather been shown as quite a troublesome kid, even his talking pet dog, Dukey is an important part of the show since he is Johnny’s best friend and not to mention his twin sisters who had tested on the dog and often even using their brother as a test subject. Just as any adventurous animated cartoon television series, Johnny even has an arch nemesis in the form of Bling-Bling Boy, who had in fact even been a rival of the Johnny’s sisters as well.

Johnny Test2

Nonetheless, for the kids wishing to watch a cartoon series that would truly be adventurous and witty all at the same time, Johnny Test indeed is such a serious that the children would find really fun to watch and would in fact be thrilled by it as well. Play Johnny Test Games Online by visiting the link below.

Johnny Test Games


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