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These days, occasions where people are left laughing their heads off and truly enjoying a comedy television program are certainly rare. Yet, Lab Rats is such a rare television show, which not only manages to keep audiences laughing but can even leave them stunned and open mouthed in front of the television screen at times.


Lab Rats is a British sitcom that aired on BBC 2 in 2008 and will be aired soon on Disney XD. The sitcom is set in the St Dunstan’s University’s Arnolfini Reserach Laboratory where a group of scientists are always busy working with their discoveries in attempt to earn money and some gratitude. The show starred Chris Addison, who also co-wrote the series along with Carl Cooper, while the series was directed by Adam Tandy.

Not only is the sitcom itself featured in a traditional studio setup, being recorded in front of a live studio audience with fixed cameras, but the comedy that gets people instantly laughing is quite traditional too. Thus this situation comedy show brings back the style of some of the greatest sitcoms, especially those from the 80s.

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It is definitely a disappointment for those of us who actually enjoyed the immensely hilarious moments of the series that this sitcom did not last long enough. Merely after six broadcasted episodes back in 2008, the show was never renewed for another season. Sitcoms like Lab Rats are indeed a rare occurrence and three years later, fans of the series might still be anticipating that the show will return with its comedic hilariousness someday. Play Lab Rats Games Online by visiting the link below.

Play Lab Rats Games Online

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