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Little Moonlight Rider is a new series which is being aired on Hungama TV and Disney Channel. Moonlight Rider is a super hero who fights against the evil but he becomes too old and week to fight against evil so he choose an ordinary little boy as Moonlight Rider, who gets the title Little Moonlight Rider. The boy is chosen because he is a very peaceful and supports the truth always. Though in starting he seems to be scared to fight against the evil later he gains mastery over it and becomes a true Super Hero. His main aim is to destroy “Claw of Evil" and his men who are destroying the peace in the universe. Though its not a easy task as he is very powerful but with the help of Scooko, The scooter shaped alien it must not be so tough. Scooko is very friendly character who is the slave of Moonlight Rider. He looks very cute and always helps Little Moonlight Rider when he is in trouble.

Moonlight Rider

Little Moonlight Rider rides on him and he has the ability to go on buildings and jump very high without getting a scratch. It take also speak and interact with Little Moonlight Rider and know what he needs and where he wants to go. Claw of Evil and his Men have shifted to earth in the neighborhood of the Little Moonlight Rider and are troubling high school girls. Will Little Moonlight Rider be able to stop him ? Well that can be known only when we Watch Little Moonlight Rider. So Don’t forget to Watch Little Moonlight Rider on Hungama TV. You can Play Little Moonlight Rider Games Online Below.

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