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Mighty Raju, The movie first premiered on the 13th of November on Pogo TV. Mighty Raju the movie revolves around the story of Raju, a small boy living in the city of Aryan agar with his family and his dog Moby. Swami is Raju’s father who is a very famous scientist. Karaati, who is Swami’s friend who later turns into a villain, and Swami together create Neutrino, a very powerful compound. The potion however is mistaken for a beverage by Swami’s pregnant wife Sandhya and is accidentally drunk by her. 5 years later Neutrino becomes active and Raju discovers that he has superpowers. Thus, the movie follows Raju as he not only uses his newly discovered powers to have a lot of fun, but is often fighting off Karaati as well. The story of lovable Raju is full of adventure and fun, and will therefore be surely liked by audiences of all ages.


Rajiv Chilaka is the creator of Mighty Raju, who also created Chhota Bheem, the show in which the character of Raju was first introduced. In Chhota Bheem, Raju was depicted as a five-year old and Bheem was his role model. While Raju did not apparently have any superpowers in the show, however he is shown to be courageous despite of his size. In Chhota Bheem, Raju’s father was the Senapati of the King’s army, rather than a scientist. In any case, in spite of the differences, fans of Chhota Bheem and those who like to watch cute cartoons will certainly enjoy watching Might Raju the movie. Play Mighty Raju Games Online by visiting the link below.

Mighty Raju Games


  1. thahseem abdulla says

    yaa wonderful!!!! i love chootha bheem and all actors i like there power

  2. thahseem abdulla says

    i like raju power he is a super hero the real hero i love him too!!!!!

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