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Disney XD viewers would certainly be aware that the cable channel is truly equally popular for its sitcoms as much as it is watched for the cartoon shows it showcases. Thus when Pair of Kings premiered on the Disney Channel on 10th September, 2010, the sitcom was no different too. Production of the sitcom had in fact begun quite a few months prior to its premiere.


The main plot of this sitcom revolves around fraternal twins, Brady played by Mitchel Musso and Boomer played by Doc Shaw. The 16 year old brothers live in Chicago with their aunt and uncle who had actually raised them. While initially it is shown that the teens live quite a natural and ordinary life, but when the royal adviser to Kinkow Island’s throne, Mason, enters the twin’s high school, everything changes. This is when the brother’s learn that somehow they are heirs to the throne and they become quite certain that major changes would be coming into their lives. The biggest change in fact is their relocation to Kinkow after the discovery and the sitcom actually follows their life on the island as the throne’s heirs.


What is slightly peculiar about the sitcom is the skin complexion of the twins. One is portrayed as a Caucasian while the other has a darker complexion. Nonetheless, it is neither too unusual nor impossible for twins to have varying skin color. Nonetheless, the sitcom is quite enjoyable for kids and teens alike, while it could actually even attract adults as well. Play Pair of Kings Games Online by visiting the link below.

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