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Tamagon is a new animated series which is going to be aired soon on Hungama TV. Tamagon is also a Japanese cartoon like Shin Chan, Kochikame, Doraemon, Guzura and many more by Hungama TV. Tamagon is a story about a Cute and Friendly monster just like Guzura. The ads shown in Hungama TV on Tamagon gives a impression that the series is a copy of Guzura but that’s not the case it’s a brand new series which is dubbed from Japanese Cartoon Series – Tamagon the Counselor (Kaiketsu Tamagon).


Tamagon is a counselor who solves the disputes between other monsters or some problems based on the monsters life itself. Tamagon is very cute and sweet just like Guzura. He loves to eat Eggs and he can do anything for them. In fact he take eggs as payment for his job of counseling and he does the counseling only after eating the eggs. However, Tamagon always fails to solve the problems and instead cause more problems. He end up running for saving his life from angry and frustrated customers.


Tamagon is definitely a very sweet and short series with full of humor and laughs. It has like 190+ Episodes and I hope Hungama TV wont repeat episodes and instead show all the 195 episodes in a sequence so everyone can enjoy them. Tamagon was first aired on October, 1972 and ran for about 1 year. It was aired by Fuji Television. Overall, Tamagon is going to be a great cartoon series with lots of laughs and humor involved in it. Play Tamagon Games Online by visiting the link below.

Tamagon Games Online

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