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The Backyardigans is an animated children’s television show that airs every weekend on Nick Jr. and on POGO TV. Nelvana from Corus Entertainment and Nick Jr. are the co-producers of this exceptionally unique 3D CGI animated series.

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Kids will definitely find The Backyardigans to be quite a unique animated series due to the fact that it has been given quite a musical setting. The plot of this animated show revolves around five lovely friends who let their imaginations go loose leading them to believe that their backyards are actually adventurous places where they sing and dance, while going on these imaginary adventures.

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Janice Burgess is the creator of this animated show and skilled musician Evan Lurie provides originally composed music for each episode of this animated show. This is in fact another aspect that makes this animated series do distinct from what the children are used to watching on their televisions. Since the animated show has a lot of singing and dancing, all of the dance movements in the Backyardigans show are actual dance performances by real dancers and Beth Bogush is the choreographer of all of those dance steps.

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Once kids begin watching this show they will quickly realize how creative and imaginative it is, in fact the main purpose Nick Jr. is airing this animated series to inspire young children into using their own imagination. Thus children will surely love the show and all the characters, especially the five friends and watching this animated series is sure to boost up their creativity and enable them to enjoy watch it to a great extent. Play The Backyardigans Games Online by visiting the link below.

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