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Winx Club is an Italian animated series which is currently being aired on nickelodeon. Winx Club is very popular among young girls of age around five to thirteen. Winx Club has many merchandise like toys, books, clothing, DVDs. Winx Club has like four seasons and almost close to 100 episodes and it is expected that nickelodeon will also be co-producing fourth and fifth seasons.

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The story revolves around a ordinary girl living on Earth named Bloom and her fairy friends. The fairies live in Magical Dimension and call themselves as ‘Winx Club’ and always are together. They also go on many adventurous journey together where they discover many new powers and secrets. They have to also fight against the darkness and help their friend Bloom know about her past.


The story begins when Bloom encounters a girl named Stella, who is fighting an ogre. Later Bloom discovers she is no ordinary girl and was actually a fairy and has magical powers. Stella soon discover that Bloom also has magical powers within her when she sees bloom fight with the ogre to save her. She asks her to join her school of fairies which is in Magical Dimension so the Bloom leaves Earth and goes to the school to learn new powers and tricks. Their she meets new friends and they all call themselves as ‘Winx Club’. The series continues when the Winx Club fights witches from Cloud Tower and later witches discovers that Dragon’s flame is the source to Bloom’ power and they try to steal it which often involves battle between Winx clue and witches. Later Bloom also discovers the secrets about the planet and her real parents. You can Play Winx Club Games Online by visiting the link below.

Winx Club Games

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