Chhota Bheem And The Curse Of Damyaan

Chhota Bheem is one of the most popular cartoon series among children. These series have been telecasted at POGO channel. Looking at the popularity of this series Rajiv Chilaka the director of the movie Chhota Bheem And The Curse Of Damyaan was tend to direct this movie. This is 2D animated movie with a well narrated story. The main focus of the movie is to entertain young audience. The movie has magic, travel time, action and adventure.

chhota-bheem-and-the-curse-of-damyaan 2

The story is about how Bheem uses his bravery and finds magical power to get the Book Of Magi and kills Damyaan. In Dholkapur, Bheem’s friends Chutki, Kalia, Raju, Bholu, Dholu and Jaggu are secretly planning for his birthday party. Damyaan the evil snake is granted a wish by Book Of Magi to become powerful and immortal since his access was only restricted to his palace in Sonapur. He needs a kind hearted king to set him free from this curse. Damyaan follower tempts the king of Dholkapur Indravarma with the hidden treasure in his province. King set him free by mistake and Damyaan puts everyone in the prison. Later gypsy told him about the secret of destroying Damyaan.


This is a popular series on television and little fan must be thankful for heroes debut on big screen. It is not as entertaining as Hanuman. Producers need to be applauded for there brave efforts as seen in many scenario. The movie has an average storyline and special effects. The music is hummable and the songs are sung by Shaan, may become among popular among kids. The makers have simplified the story as much as possible.

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