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Finding Nemo 3D is an animated comedy film narrated and also directed by Stanton. Finding Nemo was released worldwide on May 30th, 2003 by Walt Disney Pictures. It was the only sixth movie produced by Pixar studios. It reveals the story of a protective clownfish named Marlin who along with Dory, a regal tang searches for his son Nemo in Sydney Harbor. It is the first movie for Pixar studios to be pictured in theatres in northern hemisphere summer. This film received good positive reviews and also won Academy Award for the Best Animated Feature. This movie was the 2nd highest collection film of the year 2003 next to “The Lord of the Rings”. It earned a whooping sum of $868 million all over the world. This movie charts the top spot in best selling Home DVD of the year 2004. Nearly 40 million copies were sold out in a short span of time. It got G rating of all time which was overtaken by Toy Story 3 later. This movie is the fourth highest grossing animated movie of all time and also 27th highest ever grossing movie of all time in the world.

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A young couple clownfish, named Marlin and his partner Coral are wandering in search of a new home in Great Barrier Reef. They are preserving their eggs which are ready to deliver in a couple of days. But unfortunately a barracuda attacks their place and has eaten coral though marlin tried to defend her. When marlin regains consciousness, he found coral dead and few eggs missing. Later Marlin names his son as Nemo which coral liked. Then the film moves on to the first school day of Nemo. Nemo has a tiny right fin which made marlin to worry over Nemo’s swimming ability and his general capabilities. Once memo disobeys his father, he was caught by a diver.

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However marlin seeks the help from dory to find Nemo. Dory is naïve but optimistic and good hearted. After meeting three giant sharks namely Chum, Anchor and Bruce, Marlin discovers the address of Nemo from the mask. Dory knows that she could read the address on the mask and it leads to Sydney, Australia. Dory and marlin finds the way to their destination with the help of big school of moonfish. Crush is a sea turtle which takes marlin and dory to the eastern part of Australia. Marlin reveals his story and this spreads across the ocean and reaches Nemo quickly in Sydney.

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Sherman, who caught Nemo puts him into a fish tank on Sydney harbor. Nemo meets a gang there named Tank Gang which was led by Gill, a Moorish idol. Tank gang includes bubbles a tang, Bloat a puffer, peach a star fish, gurgle a rich gramma, Deb a humbug and Jacques a cleaner shrimp. The fish are fortunate to know the plan of that dentist to give him to his niece named Darla. He is famous for ill-treating and killing fish. So the gang decides a plan and execute it to make Nemo escape from the trouble and its work well.

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Most of us have surely watched Finding Nemo. But Finding Nemo 3D, which is going to have 3D effects is really going to awesome. It is expected to release on September 14, 2012. I hope it entertains public as much as it did way back in 2003.

Finding Nemo 3D Trailer

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