George of the Jungle

One of the genres of movies that ruled the box office was Cartoon Movies. In the midst of the year 1997 Director called Sam Weisman with the Production of David Hoberman, Jordan Kerner and Jon Avnet had released a movie named as “George of the jungle”. It was bundled with live action, family emotions, and romanticism with a touch of adventure as well as comedy. The next part of this movie was subsequently released as sequel in the year 2003 i.e. George of the Jungle Part 2.

George of the Jungle

Dana Olsen was shouldered the role of screenplay writer as well as story writer in Part 1 of the movie. If we look at the screenplay it runs through an incidence of plane crash in the jungle. One of the victims of the incidence was an infant called “George”, who is lost in the jungle of Bukuvu. Little George is living with animals and becomes one of their family members. After a span of 25 years George acts as Tarzan and is crowned as “King of the Jungle”. In the movie this character is played by Bredan Fraser. George is accompanied with his friends Gorilla and toco tocan, An African elephant.

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The climax of the movie twitches as heiress Ursula Stanhope, a character played by an actress Leslie Man arrives in the jungle with the motive of exploration. With the help of her guide Mr. Kwame a character played by Richard Roundtree. In couple of days Ursula’s life witness various challenges in which she conquers the jungle creatures. In the dark African Jungle Ursula and her fiancé Lyle Van De Groot, a character played by Thomas Haden Church were about to become prey of the lion. But they successfully escape from this attack. Later Ursula and Lyle discover tree house of George and are astonished to see it. Lyle accidentally shot George with his weapon which hurts George’s Arm badly. Seeing this incident both Ape and Ursula screams with terror . Subsequently Lyle was prisoned for this incident. Later both Ursula and George arrive at San Francisco where Ursula falls in love with George and takes decision to marry George. Meanwhile Lyle manage to escape from prison and kidnap Ursula. They enter into a huge dark tunnel and Lyle force her to marry him But she some how escapes from the Tunnel. When Lyle escapes from the tunnel he noticed that he got married with Gorilla instead of Ursula in the wedding ceremony held in the tunnel. At the end of the movie Ursula and George gets married in the presence of their jungle friends.

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The sequel of this movie continues from the path of story narrated in Part 1, where Ursula gives birth to junior George. The storyline begins where George is rendering lessons of swinging in the jungle and other activities. Grandma of junior George arrives to wish him on his birthday and bestows him with expensive gifts. Meanwhile Lyle and his feminist agents make an entry in the story where they try to hypnotize Ursula to leave George. George with the help of Rocky has to face many challenges like chasing lion, fight against bulldozers which are cutting down the tree house. Finally Ursula managed to come out of hypnotism with the help of her friends and at the end of the movie George narrates and expresses his love towards Ursula and his son.

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This movie was directed by David Grossman and Produced by Gregg Hoffman and Jordan Kerner. Original as well as sequel of the movie was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. Both of the movies were hampered with full entertainment, action and adventure and were enjoyed by lots of Kids as well as Adults.

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