Ice Age 4 : Continental Drift – A Quick Review

Directed by Steve Martino and Mike Thurmeier, Ice Age 4: Continental Drift has made conspicuous verve among the lovers. One more success for the film. 20th century Fox is known as its retrospective amendment and presenting better than before. Digital 3D accentuates sustainability throughout the movie. The protagonists mammoth Manny and sloth Sid played there role beautifully. Sizzling love story of Manny’s 19 year old daughter Peaches and her crush Ethan also looks glaring in the fourth installment of Ice Age. The actions are much finer than the last part. Many thoughts have been given to think only slow motion effects appear that it overused in this part. The production team did a real job by providing highly animation. Some scenes of the movie are too eye catchy. The best thing about the film is the fight of pirates and Manny’s group in the island. Tries to touch the emotions with high animation. In the movie when Manny, Sid, Diego and Granny reach home, that moment keep you glued on the chair.

Ice Age 4 Contiental Drift

Opening moments of Ice Age giving a precise, well formed meaning and provides vital depth and vivacity, It is clean, clear and crackle-free. Background music is too high when the film is in action; it is hard to hear dialogues in some of the scenes, filled with aggressive echo but the whole movie is full of enthusiasm. If you have enjoyed the last part than you will surely like this more than last one. Yet another digital animation and tremendous effects. It seems like the survivor of “Sub Zero Heroes” has been inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean. Sid woke up in the morning and tensed for impending ice flow. Want to take tougher all of them there was a strong urge came, he said to Manny, a mammoth his desire. They found the baby and wanted to give him. But in the Ice Age life became relentlessly confined, they got the sabre-toothed tigers, which have the ideas for meal. So the main question was to endeavor of the quest of real hero.

Ice Age 4 Continental Drift

The animation of Shark was marvelous. After the entry of shark the ice land become no dull. Sid and Sloth played an important and impressive role. Sabre-toothed squirrel Scrat made a good impression throughout the film. But the main center of attraction was the survival of the group and fight with pirates. As the matter of fact the movie is full of drama, Emotion, love and comedy. You will not feel bore while watching the movie. Some places it goes to highly emotional which may take your focus otherwise It goes on highway and after watching the movie you will not feel that you have wasted your time. If you compare the animation, it is better then the last three parts and the graphics will take your breath away. I suggest you to go and watch the movie and surely you will appreciate Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. Manny and “Sub Zero Heroes” are waiting for you. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift will be releasing in India on July 27, 2012 and I am very sure it will entertain Indians as much as it entertained Others.

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