Inazuma Eleven Go – 3DS Game which is a Melting Pot of Fantasy and Teenage Sports

I am sure most of you who are reading this review already know what football is. It is one of the most popular sports in the world and it is no wonder that various animes have spawned from the growing sport like Captain Tsubasa and more recently, … [Continue reading]

Ultra B – Retro Anime for the Younger Audiences

A toddler loves to watch cartoons and gain knowledge from them, which is why there are so many cartoons featuring child’s learning and the various virtues of life. It comes as no surprise that Japan had also created cartoons and animes featuring … [Continue reading]

Campione – An Anime filled with Deep Mythology and Endless Action

If you are someone who is into the age long tales about gods and myths, then this anime will be perfect for you. Different gods from different ages will appear in Campione, such as Athena, the Goddess of War or Perseus, the first Hero of Greek … [Continue reading]

The Knight in the Area – A Football Anime that Leaves you Wanting for More

As someone who follows football which is the most popular sport in the world, it was great news to hear that there was an anime about football that is currently showing. Some might call The Knight in the Area a Captain Tsubasa clone but I would … [Continue reading]

Toriko – An Anime Where Muscle is Coupled with Cuisine

Great and tantalizing food with an endless excitement of action is the only way to describe an anime that is unique like Toriko. Hardly has there been any anime that is as special as Toriko, which combines the aspects of creative foods and ingenious … [Continue reading]