25 Awesome Shin Chan Facts

Shin Chan is an amazing animated series which is loved by millions of fans all around the world and hence I took the liberty of posting some fun facts about Shin Chan which most of you might not know. Here are the 25 Awesome Shin Chan Facts :

1. Shin Chan Loves Choco chips.

2. Shin Chan Hates Shimla mirch (Capsicum).

3. Shin Chan Loves flirting with beautiful girls, who have long legs.

4. Shin Chan is five year old.

5. Shin Chan full name is Shin Chan Nohara.

6. Shin Chan best friends are Kazama, Nene (Nini), Masao and Boo (Suzuki).

7. Shin Chan fathers name is Hiroshi Nohara (Harry).

8. Shin Chan mothers name is Misae Nohara (Mitsy).

Shin Chan

9. Shin Chan sisters name is Himawari Nohara (Daisy).

10. Shin Chan pets name is Shiro (A White, Fluffy Dog).

11. Shin Chan Loves to Watch Action Kamen.

12. Shin Chan is a member of Kasukabe Defense Organization.

13. Shin Chan school name is Futaba Kindergarten.

14. Shin Chan is in Sunflower Class.

15. Shin Chan’s teachers name is Ishizaka.

16. Shin Chan Loves to trouble other people especially Kazama.

17. Shin Chan Loves singing and dancing in his own style (Weird Style Indeed).

18. Shin Chan doesn’t like girls of his age.

19. Shin Chan loves to dress up like an animal especially an Elephant.

20. Shin Chan doesn’t really care about others.

21. Shin Chan is really scared of his mom.

22. Shin Chan’s principal name is Principal Enzo or Gang Leader Sir.

23. Shin Chan even loves to Watch Quantum Robot.

24. Shin Chan troubles everyone but Shin Chan is troubled by his sister Himawari Nohara.

25. Shin Chan doesn’t like to take Shiro to a ride.

I hope you will love these facts. Leave a comment if you have anymore so I can include them as well.


  1. Puroo Kumar Roy says

    Shin Chan always leave Masao whenever he is in trouble.

  2. shinchan gets blamed for hymawarys mistakes


    Shinchan s first film is tresure of the buri buri kingdom

  4. hary nohara is afraid of his wife mitsy.
    mitsy like to spend money on dresses and cosmetics.
    shinchan loves juice.
    shinchan usually get late for his school.
    shinchan is the best

  5. Shinchan doesnt likes to go to school and he loves to bring up different kinds of pet to his home like papu which his mom doesnt like…..

  6. kazama dosen`t like shinchan

  7. shin chan met action kamen

  8. action kamen likes him

  9. gabushi says

    His full name is actually Shinnosuke Nohara

  10. shin chan likes all sweet dish
    shin chan’s father and mother always fight bcoz of him

  11. partigya says

    shin chan is a naughty boy who makes everyone in trouble but he is troubled by his sister himawari

  12. krishnam kothari says

    shinchan’s sister himawari nohara face is like a ballon, when she is hungry she cries. so I love her crying because her face is like a sarre huoe gubare jaisa hai i want to give a punch on her stomach.When she cries i feel happy and i don’t want his brother shinchan,mother misai and father harry nohara to make her keep quiet whenever she cries. I want to make her fall from the of the living room. So that time she cries

  13. others
    1) he dance taking pants off
    2) there defense base is at there teacher home
    3) there group manager is there teacher
    4) a girl in school has crush on him
    5) neni dosen t like that girl
    6)three movies of shin chan has been reaslesed
    7)shinchan love his grandfather they have fun together
    8) he likes her sister neneco
    9)he always prononce words wrong
    10)he often troubles kasukabe red scorpio gang
    11)he is always involved in mischiefs
    12)he himsself gets lostin malls and goes to lost care center for snacks
    13)his mom always punch him on head

  14. shin chan always say’s wrong words like when his

  15. Shinchan is very cute

  16. others
    1)shinchan likes nanako didi
    2)aichan agirl in shinchan’s school who is a princess love shinchan
    3)shinchan laughs like action kamen
    4)shinchan always draw a cartoon character named buri-buri zaimon
    5)suichan looks same like shinchan

  17. shinchans teachers name is not ishizaka it ia yoshinaga

  18. I hate Hemawari but like shinchan. Hemawari is an idiot with baloon like head

  19. 1.Hemawari likes jewellery and boys( as Shinchan likes girls).
    2.Madsuzaka mam always fights with yoshinaga mam

  20. Riddhima Saha says

    hichan has a crush on shinchan , nani and she are fighting all day

  21. a ‘BIG’ fan of shinchan. just remain like this shinchan

  22. Chandan Kumar says

    Sinchan is my and my son all time favorite character on hungama tv. We also like Hemwari.

  23. i have a question please anyone can answer it
    I think nene likes shinchan …… wait wait when aichan stays with shinchan why does
    nene get jealous with it???? and i hate nene if she was in real world i would kill her

  24. sinchan copy his father and do what he do

  25. Anokhi Mehta says

    Shin chan is very mischievous and her mother how much she shows hatred but she and all love hin very very very much. He is a very cuteeee boy.

  26. i love shinchan……….
    he is damn cuteeee….. ;-p

  27. kalaila pathingana velai senju kalachipovanga enga amma
    vonmaya sollanumna addhu ellam summa
    lines of shin nohara

  28. Shinchan sister himawari loves jewellerys and likes handsome boys shinchan likes to eat snaks and always keeps bad names to his mother he always troubles the libralian of library

  29. RISHI KOUSHIK says

    1.shin chan is determined to make kazama tell that kazama also watches action kamen shows

    2.shin chan’s both grandfathers are always fighting

    3.Hiroshi Nohara is always suspecting that mitsae nohara buys costly dresses,cosmetics etc

    4. shin chan does not pick up his books and toys after using them

    5. the nohara family are really poor

    6. there are a troublesome pair called mitchi and yotshirine who are always together and are a nuisance to harry nohara

    7. kazama is always exaggerating himself of knowing more

    8. himawari and mitsae are having the same habit of liking jewels that are shining and expensive

    9. their neighbour an old lady is always borrowing something saying an excuse

    kazama is afraid to say that he wets his pants while sleeping and uses diaper

  30. shin chan likes chocochips very much.shin chan always get late for his school.

  31. saksham aggarwal says

    enter new member in kasukabe defense group name sam

  32. sinchan is in himawari class.my friend kinshuk agrawal is lazy like shinchan.kinshuk is a very bad boy.he is fighting always

  33. yatidharna7 says

    shinchan is mischevious, cute and clever boy.i like him very much.

  34. shinshan way of dancing is realy funny

  35. Rimpa kumari says

    Shinchan is d king of the “jungle in the bungle” i.e,he is the leader of monkeys he is realy swet nd true hero nd he is my darling nd i luv him a lot:-)

  36. his full name is shinnosuke

  37. Namrata osta says

    Shinchan is a sweetheart… i just love my cutie pie shinchan

  38. shin chan is very cute!

  39. i like shinchan alot i hv not missed any episode of shinchan, i would like to suggest you that plz dont change the cute face of shinchan bcz now his face is more bulk than previous..

  40. shincan is very naughty boy he always leave masaowhen he is in trouble he always illtation his mother

  41. Harshul Vijay says


  42. he always gets his parents in troble

  43. kazama always says sorry to others for the mistakes of shinchan.

  44. sagnik basak says

    i like sinchan and free shinchan online games. i am a big fan of shinchan

  45. sudharshini says

    shinchan always says “i am going out” instead of saying “i came in” when he comes into the house

  46. sudharshini says

    shin chan’s teacher yoshinaga is married with ishizaka

  47. hasan maan says

    he and his family is awesome man

  48. shinchan miss matsuzaka loves dr. toku

  49. Himavari is very cute sweet sister of shinchan and sheero is cute too ,but shinchan is the best………!!!!!


  51. In response to:
    20. Shin Chan doesn’t really care about others.

    I guess this is not entirely true … I have seen many episodes where he has shown deep concern to other characters (human, animals and even non-living things)

  52. shinchan_lovveeer says

    I LOVE SHIN CHAN!! but it’s always so funny when he gets blamed for what his sister did. :PP love him sososososososososososos much

  53. himawari’s name sounds like bimari (बीमारी)…

  54. Archana Shukla says

    Everybody says that Shinchan is a mischeivous boy but he also very kind-hearted.

  55. Janaknandini Singh says

    Shin-chan is very very very very very funny.

  56. sujal raj says

    The show of Shin-Chan I like most is Shin-Chan in Bungle in the Jungle and also the sound Bungle in the Jungle is so funny like Mungle in the Jungle

  57. it is not kasukabe defense organization it is kasukabe defense force…………and luv shin chan…….

  58. Shinchan has a real super natural power, which is he can really give out action beam for some seconds!





  61. Shinchan full name is Nohara Shinosuke

  62. shreeraj sambhare says

    Shinchan likes nanaco didi..

  63. shreeraj sambhare says

    Shinchan likes nanaco didi.. and dosent like her boxer friend … he always dances in his own funny style.. he pronounces words slightly funnish example he says hipichopter to helecopter… he says “welcome back “when he enters the home …

  64. I like sHinChan very much than others

  65. Shinchan goes to Mr.Kenta to practise Kendo

  66. shinchan love Nanako didi

  67. U will only love watching shinchan till when u don’t know what his real story is.
    When u get to know about his real life story u will be very sad and u will not want to watch the show

  68. Shinchan !! I have nothing to say about him…….he is just awesome and I love him too much

  69. The shinchan’s real fact is that he has died when he was 5 years old when he goes to save his sister himavari

  70. Shinchan new movie is kanta laga vry funny and intresting.

  71. harshitha says

    shin chan is very funny

  72. sonia gujjar says

    shin chan hii you are great i am your my biggest fan

  73. poonam choudhary says

    shinchan likes choco chips and hates shimla mirch.

  74. There is a real story of Shinchan In which himawari and shinchan sir

  75. Shinchan’s mother like sweet potato very much

    I like shinchan very much

  76. mitsy uses harry’s money for shopping and gives him a little part only

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