Shin Chan Movie : Adventure in Henderland

Shin Chan has become quite a popular show in the United States and Asia. However, Yoshito Usui is the original creator of the series, which he wrote as an animated and manga series by the name of “Crayon Shin Chan.”

The series has been featured in a variety of countries, has been translated into English and there have actually been a lot of movies focusing on the anime and manga series that have been made. One such animated film based on the “Shin Chan” universe, which was released on the 13th of April, 1996, happens to be Shin Chan Adventure in Henderland.

Shin Chan

Just like the original anime and manga series, this film also centers on the original characters Shinnosuke (Shin Chan) and his classmates, who are studying at Futaba Kindergarten ( a name based on the Futabasha, the original publisher of the manga ), who visit Henderland, an amusement park in Gunma Prefecture. After being separated from the rest of the group, Shin Chan ends up learning unimaginable things about the amusement park and goes on an adventure of his own.


Prior to  Shin Chan Adventure in Henderland, three other films also focusing on the Crayon Shin Chan universe, were released as well. Along with being released in Japan, the series was also released in India, where the series has a large fan base. Therefore, while the film was originally released in Japanese, it was dubbed in Hindi for its release in India. Shin Chan needs no introduction, children all around the world happen to be fans and this film will be a treat for them all.


  1. i like to meat shinchan at once and i love him. he is very cute and i like shinchan.

    it is my favourite cartoon

  2. ilove shinchain

  3. Asha Hossain says

    I love to see Shinchan!He is really funny!And also Hemawari,Cute and Such noughty!

  4. i can do anything 4 shin chan…i am his great fan..i love him

  5. He is realy very cute……………..ispite of his naughtiness i like him.its my favrouit show which i watch everyday without fail

  6. i love shinchan he is very!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!funny1 much and he is very soft and beautiful

  7. Snata Pandey says

    the movie was so so.. But Shinchan made it interesting! Even more!!!

  8. he is so funny.i like him soooooooooooooooo much.

  9. I love shinchan the mostttt

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