Shin Chan’s Family Members

Who Are Members of Shin Chan’s Family ?

Shin Chan’s family is a middle class family who has to pay loans for their house for many years. A family who is always in Trouble due to shin Chan’s activities. But some times even are praised due to Shin Chan. Altogether a Loving Family

The Father Name is “Hiroshi Nohara (Hiro)” who is a common man working for the family needs in a office and is one of the favorite of the Boss due to shin Chan’s activities. He and his wife fights a lot for small reasons like getting the child bath or more . but loves their children a lot .


The Mother “Misae Nohara (Mitsy)” a house wife who is tired of handling the shin Chan and her sister. She loves makeup and Sale . always keep searching for sale to get some nice stuffs for herself. She always plan to diet and save money but never comes true. Some times she drills the head of Shin Chan and his father with her Fists (Hands) . Sleeps in the afternoon only when shin chan is away. Tries to be fashionable.

shin chan family

The sister “Himawari Nohara” Youngest Member of the family and shin Chan’s young sister. who is just like Shin Chan . She loves shining object like necklace, Diamonds etc . Loves to break things and trouble Shin Chan. She likes to see Male Model Magazines and has a smile like Shin Chan. The Family Members loves her a lot. Shin Chan think his family loves her more then him.

The Pet Dog Shiro the pet of the Nohara family and Shin Chan . Which is a white color Puffy dog. Most of the times shin Chan makes shiro get in trouble for his mistakes . But is very loyal to the family . Always wants to go out but shin Chan never takes him because shin Chan is lazy .



  1. sooo cuteee iii looooovve uuuuuuuu shin channnnnnn…….

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  3. We love Shinchan a lot … almost all the characters are good .. especially Shinchan and his sister Himawari ..
    great going ..

  4. you makes me a lot of smile i like your characters are very nice you are so sweet and a kin comedian

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    Shinchan shinchan pyaara pyaara
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    This show always brings a smile on my face
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  6. Everybody kies Shinchan..
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    I am eldest from my family still I watch shinchan n laugh a lot…
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    We love you shinchan

  11. Shin chan all episode are comedy we love shin chan it is my favorite cartoon we watch everyday he bring us lot of smile he is great comedian this show always bring us smile

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    I love shinchan and himavari . my faurate character . somebody said that those who die young they love to the god. I love them so much

  13. super i luv u so much shinchan cute boy

  14. I never forget sinchan in my life???it is my favourite cartoon i am the biggest fan of sincham and his whole family in the universe

  15. You are my favourite shin chan. I can watch your episodes whole day. ?

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