Shin Chan’s Kindergarten and Friends

I have written several post on Shin Chan till now and I am a big fan of Shin Chan. This is another post which is about Shin Chan’s School and Friends. Shin Chan studies in Futaba Kindergarten and he is really tired of going in that place as there are no Beautiful girls. There are two Class or Groups in the Kindergarten Rose Class and Sunflower Class. Shin chan is in Sunflower Class whose teacher is Midori Ishizaka who is tired of Shin Chan as he troubles her alot. Ishizaka is a simple sweet lady who is 24 years old. Who is always fighting with Matsuzaka but sometimes agrees with her too.

shin chan 1She has very poor luck with love and boy friends but she gets married to Junichi in later episodes. The other Class is Rose Class whose teacher is Ume Matsuzaka or only Matsuzaka is a stylish lady who is also 24 years old. Matsuzaka loves to live stylishly and hence tries to save money and lives in a very cheap apartment. She doesn’t like her name as “Ume” stands for “3rd class “ or “Down Market” and she dislikes if someone calls her Ume. She is very much tired of Futaba Kindergarten Especially Shin chan and always wants to leave the Kindergarten but never seriously does it. Matsuzaka is very stylish when compared to Midori but when ever she tries to make a new Boy Friend Shin Chan Spoils her Plan that is why she hates Shin Chan a lot.

shin chanPrincipal Enzo or Gang Leader Sir which Shin Chan Calls him is the Principal of Futaba Kindergarten who is often troubled by the teachers and students especially Shin Chan. Shin Chan calls him Gang Leader because of his appearance he looks deadly but is very sweet and kind hearted who loves his students alot and is always trying to solve the fights between the two classes. The Rose class is always in Competition with the Sun Flower class in sports and studies but is defeated by Sun Flower Class even though Rose class has the best students which is only because of Shin Chan i guess :D. Shin Chan’s Friends are Kazama who is always troubled by Shin Chan.

shin chan 2Kazama hates Shin Chan a lot. He is very intelligent and has great knowledge in English and Mathematics which other children don’t have and he is very rich and he lives stylishly. He always shows off and Shin Chan always spoils his image in front of all. Shin Chan is always blowing in his ear which makes him irritated. Shin Chan and Kazama are weird partners in the School who never agree with each other and keep on Fighting. He always likes to hang around with upper class girls and he usually hides it from his friends and Shin Chan thinking they will tease him.

shin chan 3Nene who is only female member in Shin Chan friends list. She loves to play Real Home where she becomes mother and a bunny becomes their child. Which is hated by Shin Chan and others. Her mom hates Shin Chan alot as he always comes to her home and troubles her. Nene’s Mom always goes to the washroom and hits a Stuffed bunny to relief her anger and when Nene sees this she tells “You are not my usual Mom”. Nene tries to be very sweet but some times acts like her mom and hits the bunny to relief her anger when Shin Chan or any other pisses her off.

shin chan 4Masao who has a clean shaved head which looks like a Rice Ball. Masao is also known as Scary Cat as he is scared of everything and Most of the times other kids hits him and takes off his video games. He is also a cry baby who always starts crying whenever he gets a chance. Masao when in problem asks Shin Chan for help but Shin Chan causes him more problems instead. He has crush on Ai but is scared to ask her for friendship and instead of him Ai has a crush on Shin Chan and Ai dislikes Nene thinking that she likes Shin Chan. Ai is hardly shown in some episodes and not much about her is shown.

shin chan 5Suzuki who is a weird kind of a kid. He is always slow and has same expression through out the Episode and His nose is always watering. But he is smart and artistic which is shown in some episodes. He loves collecting different kinds of stones and always does whatever others tell him. No one hopes anything from him. Hitoshi and Terunobu are in the Rose Class who are always troubling Masao and think Shin Chan is weird. Shin Chan most of the times accidently defeats them in the game they decide and some times just goes to home without telling anyone and Hitoshi and Terunobu keeps searching Shin Chan. Cheetah Kawamura is also of Rose Class and is very good in Sports and Athletics. He is like the leader of Rose Class and keeps bullying Masao too. But most of the times Shin Chan defeats him.

shin chan 123Kasukabe Defense Organization is also shown some times which is a organization created by Shin Chan and his friends to Help the City and maintain Peace in the city whose headquarters is at Mrs. Ishizaka’s house but they fall in more trouble when they try to solve problems in the City and later give up. These are all the Shin Chan Friends and Kindergarten members who are often troubled by Shin Chan’s Activities and makes the Series more funny.


  1. Shin Chan is a hilarious comic. I used to read it a few years ago and my favorite character is his sister 🙂



  4. shinchan u r so’ cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!…
    i like ur episodes soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!……………………………….

  5. the teacher of sunflower class is midori yoshinaga (not izhizaka)

  6. it is my favorite cartoon.i like shinchan a lot

  7. i luvvvvvvvvvv shinchan .it is my fav cartoon show….i even like the theme song of shinchan…..and himawari is soo cute.shincahn is very naughty boy and very active

  8. shin chan, you are so cute, and naughty.. i am agreat fan of u.. not only me , my mom and dad also a great fan of u..

  9. shinchan u r very sweet and naughty.i owe ur naughtiness no one can compete u and when i watch ur show i feel fresh and happy i like u very much and ur family is very funny too ur show is the greatest and funniest show on hungama or i can say in the world i am agreat fan of u i like every thing about ur show ur teachers ur parents ur cute sister ur friends i am a great fan of u. i LOVE u very much. shinchan u rock

  10. Sinchan is a naughty boy

  11. Kazama hates shinchan

  12. shinchan is mastikhor mulga 🙂

  13. so cute


  15. it is a good serial

  16. kazama and shin chan do not fight always in some episodes they work together and in an episode shin chan saves kazama from tutions. so unfortunate that they have not put about action kamen and quantum robot and afcourse the buri buri simom. my favorite character is buri buri simon.

  17. i love u shinchan. you are very naughty

  18. RISHI KOUSHIK says

    i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee himawari. she is really stupid. she annoys my favourite charachter shinchan so much

  19. I like sinchan very much. he is also naughty but her sister Himavari is very naughty
    i like him and very much.

  20. I like shinchan too much. I have watched nearly all episodes. The way shinchan always reply is fantastic. But i think the best character except shinchan is himavari.

  21. i just don’t like shinchan i love him .he is so cute , his all my faimly members watch together,he is dam cute man just love shinchan & the best thing is he is from japan which is one of my favourite place.

  22. I love the cartoon very much. I love shin-chan and his family.

  23. shin chan is very cute i like him very much

  24. MASTER BRAIN says

    It is YOSHINAGA and not ISHIZAKA.

  25. I like SHINCHAN cartoon a lot as he is too handsome,cute and funny.I have seen his every episodes. As I see his cartoon each and everyday for it is the best cartoon ever? I love the cartoon very much❤?

  26. i really love shinchan.but so many people told shinchan is dead.but i dont know its real or fake . where shinchan is there? . if he is only cartoon or really human .if he is there really i will meet him compalsary .if Any one the answers for my questions please reply . thank you [i want to meet shinchan parents and his sister himavari and his friends also

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