Should Children Watch Shin Chan ?

I am sure most of the Parents whose children watch the famous cartoon series “Shin Chan” on Hungama TV have this question on their mind and I can understand why they feel so. Shin Chan or Crayon Shin Chan is a very funny cartoon series but the character Shin Chan often behaves rudely with his parents, teachers and elders. In most of the episodes I watch I see Shin Chan back answering or Arguing with his mother. Shin Chan also uses some words which are very Vulgar and which may have a major effect on children. As children are very innocent and can go on the wrong way easily. They might start back answering their parents and disobeying their teacher, elders etc. which may cause them problem in the future. I think its really dangerous to allow children below 10 years to Watch Shin Chan and they might get wrong education by it.

shin chan22Shin Chan who is always disrespecting family members, talking rudely to his teachers and friends and also sometimes pulling down his pants in the class room or road etc. If such thing are learnt by kid it would really cause problems in the society. Shin Chan is a awesome show but I believe its more suitable for teenagers and adult who love watching cartoons like “The Simpsons” or “Family Guy” Etc. In most of the countries Shin Chan is telecasted late night so Children don’t watch it. But in India its not so. However Hungama TV has filtered many scenes and sentences from the cartoon Shin Chan to make it appropriate for the kids. I don’t really know how much it is helping the children of India and their parents. But its better than nothing.

shin chanI am sure the children love to watch Shin Chan mostly because of weird behavior but if the children are properly explained that not to learn any bad habits from it and just watch Shin Chan for fun then I think it wont be a problem because if we force them not to watch Shin Chan on TV they can watch it online or any other place. Well I am happy that I don’t have such problems for my age and I can watch Shin Chan easily without any problems but Shin Chan is really a great stress buster and help me a lot when I am sad or I have tensions of my work. Do let me know your opinions about Shin Chan as to what you think ? Should Children Watch Shin Chan ?


  1. i love shin chan. i am 9 year old my mother and brother like to see shin chan it’s not a problem children watching shin chan.where ever i go i ask do you see shin chan.

  2. children can watch shin chan.


  4. Navaneethakrishnan.s says

    I think this channel(hungama) was very useful entertainment channel

  5. I think dat Shinchan iz d best

  6. East or d west shinchan is d best North or d south other cartoons shut your mouth

  7. ya children can watch shinchan i m 17.5 years old and still love to see shinchan wid my dad and mom my bro hates him but except him my whole family loves to see shinchan
    its amazing nice very nice we love u shinchan

  8. i love shin chan but my parents say i should not watch shin chan because he always disobey his parents.

  9. i love shin chan because he is some sweet but he disobeys his parents but when Himvari come even himavari becomes like shin chan i am 9 years old and i love to watch shin chan.

  10. i loveeeeeeee shin chan…:-) n i named my pet shiro:-)

  11. i love u shinchannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  12. I think schinchan like cartoons are good for entertainment but the children who r above than 10 years czzz this program can effect only the mind of the innocent ones which are below than 10 . othervise it’s not a bad program for the young ones.

  13. katrina kaif says

    shinchan is an awesome cartoon ! shinchan is my fav. hero

  14. katrina kaif says

    no hero can compete to shinchan

  15. i like shin chan very much

  16. love shinchan:)

  17. srishti sadh says

    i am 10 years old and i love to watch shinchan

  18. christina joseph says

    shinchan was a favoulas cartoon he is one of mine favourite hero and i must love all his naughty habbits.

  19. i advise that every parent should watch shinchan especially after coming home frpm the office exept that boring news my dad hate it but my bro and my mom watch it. i love him. take care.

  20. shinchan is very cute .i think all should see it.

  21. I am 21yrs old but i still love watching Shinchan. It is similar to tom and jerry cartoon, which is loved by ppl at all ages. I prefer only watching shinchan episodes at free time. Love you shinchan :-*

  22. shinchan is really funny

  23. i love shinshan

  24. I like shinchan face &is voice too much

  25. i love to see shinchan my mother alos like this so childreans should see shinchan

  26. no doubt that children should see shinchan….plzzz watch it and have sum fun in ur life

  27. i love shin chan.i am 10 year old .i think we can see shin chan

  28. Shinchan is very cute and I like it

  29. I don’t think it’s a good idea, if you are one to let your kids be babysit by the TV.
    The show is not too extreme, but you’ve got to be there to explain to your kids not to act like the kids on the show.

  30. I am 10 years old i still like shinchan but I think if children would not copy him it’s good for kids

  31. Aiswarya says

    Sinchan not always disobey his parents. He love his family. He take care of his sister himavari. He is just a naughty child. So I think children can watch sinchan. And I love sinchan

  32. I love SHINCHAN .regularly i watch shinchan but,now my parents unplug the cable,iam so sad now.

  33. i think shinchan is a good show

  34. Shin Chan is better for young people from 10-12 up, for younger ones it doesn’t make sense to let them watch. Anybody that sees 5 minutes of it may realize it.

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