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I am sure most of you love Watching Shin Chan. Shin Chan really an awesome cartoon series ever seen by me which is aired on Hungama TV. Shin Chan which is more like a adult series is really a great cartoon series. Shin Chan has been very famous in India and I think Shin Chan has more fans than any other show currently running on Hungama TV. Though Hungama TV has many great shows like Doraemon, Kiteretsu, Robotan, Genie Family but I am sure none is as sweet and as funny as Shin Chan. Well their is also a good news for all the fans that Shin Chan will be continued by Yoshito Usui former assistants starting from august which was really Impossible after the sudden demise of Yoshito Usui. He truly was a great person and I thanks him alot for making such a great cartoon series Shin Chan which will make the people happy for several years.

shinShin Chan, who is always entertaining people with his weird and funny acts like saying thank you when people scold him or troubling his mom and teachers. Shin Chan is also a stress buster for many people and it really helps to you to relax and laugh to the core. As everyone knows Laughing is the best medicine, I say Shin Chan is the Best Medicine. Shin Chan was always awesome but after his sister Himawari Nohara has been added in the series, Shin Chan have become wonderful with double dose of entertainment. Himawari is really cute and is like a carbon copy of Shin Chan. She exactly acts like Shin Chan and her Mom. To Watch Shin Chan Online I came across a great site which is completely legal unlike other sites. So to Watch Shin Chan Online Just Visit the link below there are more than 50 Awesome Shin Chan Episodes in Hulu to watch Online in HD.

Watch Shin Chan Online


  1. these cartoon are very great and lovely and even funny te characters are good.
    Shinchan is a good boy but not good.
    i request you please send me shinchan new videos on my E-mail ID which is above.

    beijing, china.

  2. Its just the supperb show. I love watching it. Its mine fav. show the stupidness of shinchin and his mother I love watching it. i hve kept the characters name of my family members. my all family members like to watch it.
    i love u shinchin. take care 🙂

  3. shinchan is very cool keep the episode going god bless you


  4. ilove this show very much ilike his comedy with parents and freinds my sister is also watching this show.its superb show in the world

  5. i love shinchan

  6. iera helmi says

    I like shinchan


  8. pankhudi bhavate says

    i like shinchan sooooooooooooooo much……

  9. Hrishikesh says

    this awesome cartoon show………

  10. sahithi vasupalli says

    i love shin chan…… d way he does evry act is simply funny………. his sis is too naughty……… d way her mom goes crazy fr discounts is vry funny………

  11. Snata Pandey says


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