Who is Sweetest ? Shin Chan or Himawari Nohara

Shin Chan one of the greatest Cartoon Ever made. Shin Chan is simply awesome and loved by all. I am sure you love Shin Chan a lot and also are a Big Fan of him Because he is really Sweet. Well I was just wondering after the Character Himawari Nohara who is Shin Chan’s Younger sister was added in the Series that Who is Sweetest now ? Shin Chan or Himawari Nohara. I am sure everyone will have different opinions and some may like Shin Chan and other may like Shin Chan’s Sister Himawari Nohara.

aalets talk about some incidence in the series which may help you decide that who is sweetest. Shin Chan who is 5 year old and a very naughty boy who loves teasing everyone with his funny activities. Especially his mom and Teacher who are fed up of him. Also he loves to flirt with Beautiful Girls and often say that “main hoon shinchan nohara aur main paanch saal ka hoon” and ask them for a long ride in his tricycle which is really sweet. His some acts are really very sweet like when he gets emotional or dance and also when he enacts Like his favorite cartoon character “ACTION KAMEN” and he really looks cute in the Kindergarten uniform.

483073743_3ef270694bOn the other side is Himawari Nohara who is less than one year old and is really sweet especially when she is sleeping. Though she is just an Infant but she does weird stuffs just like Shin Chan. Obviously she learnt it by watching him do it. Himawari is often found sleeping peacefully. But when she wakes up she mess up the home in search of shiny and branded objects which she loves a lot. She cannot walk still as she is small but she rolls around from one place to another which she learnt from Shin Chan. She just speak like “achaa kich kich kich” which only she can understand i guess but its very sweet to listen it. She is very much attracted to Handsome Men just like Shin Chan is to beautiful girls.

150px-himawari_noharaShe loves seeing Handsome Men picture book and if she is crying her parents usually gives her the picture book to calm her down. My personal thinking is that Himawari Nohara is Sweetest. I can give like 9/10 for Shin Chan and 10/10 for Himawari Nohara. So according to me Himawari is very sweet and cute. Do let me know What you guys think. 😀


  1. Yes dude i completely agree . Himawari is sweetest . I love to watch her in Shin Chan. Mwahhhh

  2. yes,shinchan is sweetest and himawari is ugliest

  3. Ya i agree shinchan is the sweet guy in the sinchan series himavari is poor…………………….

  4. both are the sweetest. I love them both. They are shoooo shweeet. kuchi koo

  5. shin chan and himawari both are cute. Both are they sweetest. I love them too much -.-

  6. i think himawari is more cute.i love when she gets lost in the house with her mother and brother looking for her(thinking someone has kidnapped her)!!!

  7. shinchan obviosly

  8. yes offcurse MY SIN CHAN is always the sweetest,cutest,naughtiest,adorable,dynamic,jolly,kind-hearted,magnificant,smiling,intelligent,talented,nice etc etc etc…………
    After all he is Mr.Perfect with no Defects……
    love u sin chan……….

  9. himawari is the cutiest cartoon girl i had seen &shinchan the naughtiest boy

  10. i love u shinchan u r chow chweet…!!!!…..:)

  11. the sweetest is shin chan because himavari is double then him in disobeying her parents but not in sweet.

  12. I like both shinchan n himavari they r cute characters.

  13. I say that both Shinchan and Himawari are cute.But I say that Shiro is the cutiest of all characters of all in Shinchan series!


  15. i love both shinchan and hemawari they both are cute and sweet

  16. i love shin chan because he is very active in doing naughty things and he is the xerox of me and this is the age were all will do such naughty things .and himawari also do such things but it will not entertain me,i think for all and she makes many problems to all of us and that type of nuisance, the shin chan will not do.it is so sad when he gets many beatings from his mother.example:stealing valuable jewels and many things etc;.BUT ANYWAY THE SHIN CHAN IS THE BEST CUTEST AND LOVELIEST BOY EVER SEEN IN THE CARTOONS


  18. i am a daily viewer of shinchan i luv himawari but shichan is the CUTEST

    i luv u shinchan

  19. shinchan is the cutest.

  20. i think shinchan is cute than himavari.watever i enjoy the show n lov it.

  21. ANSH AHUJA says

    I think both are cute but himawari iS more cute than SHINCHAN

  22. ANSH AHUJA says


  23. shinchan is really cool.

  24. i love u both and hemawari is much cutest baby i love her most muahhh and shinchan also

  25. Himawari is cute and sweet.
    Shinchan is funny and naughty

  26. According to me Himawari is more sweet than Shin Chan . But yes or no Shin Chan is the best . he is the funniest cartoon i have ever seen.


  27. Saptaparni Ghosh says

    I think both Shin Chan and Himawari are cute, sweet, smart, funny, naughty and charming. I like them very much. Aaww, how cuuute a brither-sister relationship is.

  28. Saptaparni Ghosh says

    I think both are Shin Chan and Himawari are cute, sweet, smart, funny, naughty and charming. I like them very much. AAww, how ccuuute a brother-sister relationship is.

  29. according to me shinchan is more cute than himawari.he may be naughty but he is cooooool.i looooooooove you shinchan!!!

  30. shinchan is really very funny at times so i would go with him rather than himawari.

  31. both are full too comedy characters.for me it is difficult to say but shinchan is nicer than the rest.

  32. shinchan is cute…..
    but himawari is more cute ………..
    i love them both

  33. Devangshi Sinha says

    Himawari is sweet but Shin chan is always the sweetest He is our daring .

  34. shinchan is my most favouriate tv actor

  35. shinchan is the most cutest boy in the world of cartoon. i just love him.

  36. saba hussaini says

    himawari is sweet and shinchan is sweetest

  37. shin chan always be my fav and he is the best hemawari is also nice but he always do to much naughty thinks shin chan get ever hit by his mom because of hemawari why i dont like hemawari

  38. Aryan Pratap says

    Both are sweetest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. geethanjali says

    i like shinchan he is so cute i am not having friends i want shinchan to be my best friend

  40. Himawari and Sin chan both r sweet. I love both of them…

  41. shinchan and himawari r equally cute. ‘cfd kopa hjsak! but i wanna kno himawari’s age.

  42. i lov both.both are sweet.but i lov sinchan more.sinchan is my favourite.

  43. shinchan is cute,sweet and pyara

  44. himawari is the cutest girl ever and shinchan is the nautiest boy ver .i lov to watch shinchan . so sweet. . . …………….

  45. srishti sadh says

    i love both shinchan and himawari but shinchan is the best.
    i love shinchan

  46. both are cute but shin chan is more cute then his sister he is an active boy he is very cool and smart i loooove shin chan :):) :p :p :b :b

  47. Shinchan is the best and coolest .Himawari is worst and dumb.

  48. Your two characters don’t even come close to being cutest. Watch “BOO” in the MONSTERS INC. movie. She blows them away. Better yet, watch “AGNES” in the DESPICABLE ME movie. She is the cutest and sweetest little cartoon girl on the planet period.

  49. i think so shnchan is more cute since i am seeing him from childhood

  50. Shinchan is sooo…. Cute

  51. I totally agree, himawari is the cutest, i lv her. i identify myslf wid himawari n cal my elder sis shinchan. himawari is lyk a spoilt lovable princess, she’l never grow up!!!!!

  52. i think himawari is cutest than shinchan.

  53. himawari is the best….

  54. I think both are cute but shin is more cute.

  55. east or west,shinchan is the best! more than his sister…..!

  56. I think that they are same to same because the two are naughty

  57. i think shinchan is more cute but hemawari is also not bad

  58. Priyanka M says

    I like both shinchan and himawari. I always wished to act in his show and i give both 10/10.

  59. both r sweet but hemawari is so sweet

  60. I like both of them they are very sweet and cute i love them very much

  61. i think himawari and shinchan both r cute…………i love you both :>

  62. i like both himawari and shinchan they was ,are and will be at top…..:)they r very cute and naughty and funny too……

  63. they both r very cute …equal..

  64. i think shinchan is sweet i like him and i don’t like girls and sisters just like shinchan

  65. shinchan_lovveeer says

    lol their both quiet cayoooot! but i think shin chan is cuter. <3

  66. 5/10 to shichan and 1/10 to himawari.

  67. Snata Pandey says

    I feel both are cute! Oh so soooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttt!!!!!!!!! Love you both!

  68. priyanka says

    shinchan is the sweetest:-)i just love seeing his episodes

  69. according to me both are cute , but shinchan is the most sweetest and cutest!!!!!!of all ******love you both….

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