Doraemon Gadget of the Week – Go Anywhere Door

Doraemon is one of the most successful cartoon right now. Children are just mad for doraemon and his gadgets. So i decided to write about Doraemon Gadgets every week trying to cover most of them. I hope i can bring find some really cool gadgets and write about them. First comes the “Go Anywhere Door” […]

Play Free Doraemon Games Online

I had posted a Doraemon Game some days ago . Here is another game of Doraemon where Doraemon is playing Badminton with Nobita, Suneo, Shizuka, Gian ( Jiyan ) and Dorami . Its an excellent game which i can play whole day . You can choose whom to play with . The Best i liked […]

Play Doraemon Game Online

I wrote about Doraemon in my last Post . Doraemon is an excellent cartoon series based on a futuristic robotic cat and Nobita Nobi . Here is a Game Where Nobita Nobi plays Baseball . Everyone know how weak he is in Baseball . So you have to guide him to get good score in […]

Doraemon – The Robotic Cat

I am sure you must have heard of doraemon . Doraemon is a robotic cat which is from 22nd century who has come from the future to help a young boy Nobita Nobi. Nobita is a below average young boy in all activities and is often in trouble . Sometimes because of his marks, sometimes […]

Play Kochikame Game Online For Free

Kochikame is One of the best cartoon series i have come across. Kochikame is a Police Officer who is a fool and Create a problem to people around him. This is a wonderful Kochikame Game Which deals with Kochikame and Riko. Where Kochikame Tries to Save Riko from the Kidnappers and instead gets stuck with […]