Disney India to Premier Oye Jassie from 13th October

Disney has always awarded us with some of the most intriguing family entertainment series; and, with the latest series of ‘Oye Jassie’, the channel takes family entertainment to an entirely new level. ‘Oye Jassie’ is a super interesting family series which unfolds the story of a small town teenage girl Jassie, whose life takes a huge rollercoaster ride, when she reaches Mumbai. Jassie makes her advent to the city of dreams with huge aspirations to be famous, however, with the quirk of fate she ends up with a job as a baby sitter.


Jassie’s life undergoes huge twists and turns when she takes up the job of a nanny in the high profile Malhotra Family. There, she welcomes into her life, 13 year old Aisha who is the prettiest teen of her school; a 12 year-old prankster called Rocky, Subu, who is a 10 year old, calm and brilliant kid along with the 7 year old adorable Tia. Apart from these kids, she also encounters with Tony who is a bored and super lazy house-keeper of the family. In fact, throughout the show Jassie realizes that though her new city is full of opportunities, it also has certain loopholes. And, these little kids help her in solving all these tricky situations simply in a jiffy. Moreover, these kids with their intriguing pranks and tricks will take you in a journey which deals with the highs and lows of teenage and adulthood.


The TV-series with its amazing blend of emotions and comedy is sure to rule over your heart. In fact, the actors too are performing immensely well thereby making the entire show all the more relatable and enjoyable. So, if you are looking for a show which offers you full on family entertainment then switching over to ‘Oye Jassie’ can surely turn out to be a very apt and viable decision in this regard.

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