Disney Q Family Mastermind: An Intriguing Family Game Show

Are you fond of family quiz game shows? Are intrigued to enjoy the enticing and mind boggling experience of a family quiz game? Well, with Disney Q Family Mastermind you can jolly well do so, as this game show offers you the most enthralling experience of a family quiz game. This show was aired from the February 25th  2013 on Disney Channel and it is running till date. Disney Q Mastermind is hosted by the quiz master Benjamin Gilani, who with his interesting takes on humour, makes this show all the more enjoyable to watch.

Disney Q

The format of this show is pretty unique and out of the box.  Here, there are just four rounds for each participating family. Each of the contestants is provided with a period of 2 minutes in each of the rounds. Now, in the first round the youngest member of the family is asked a question about General knowledge. After this, in the second round, the family gets an opportunity to select a specific subject on which they are asked questions. There is no negative marking for this round, and, if the answer provided is wrong, then the host himself answers it correctly.

Disney Q2

The third round the game takes a new turn where the family has to choose a specific member who will answer questions on a chosen subject. After this, the fourth and the final round comes in, where General round Questions are asked once again. However, unlike the previous rounds negative marking is applicable for this round. This round marks the end of this interesting game show and after this entire marks of all the teams are added and the winning team is declared accordingly.

The Disney Q Family Mastermind is a highly innovative quiz game show which rules over the minds and hearts of all quiz show enthusiasts. So what are you waiting for? Start watching this innovative show to delve into the intricacies of knowledge and quizzing.

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