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Shararat is a comedy serial which was first shown in Star Plus and recently been shown in Disney Channel. Shararat is magical comedy show which begins with the 18th Birthday of Jiya who is unaware that she is a fairy and has supernatural power. Jiya stays with her family that is her father Dr. Suraj, her mother Radha, her younger brother Jai and her grandmother Sushma whom she calls Nani. Even her mother and her grandmother are fairies and she is unaware of that. Only when she becomes 18 she comes to know that she is great great grand daughter of Rani Devi who is blessed with magical powers by a sage.

19shrutiWhen Jiya comes to know that she is fairy she is shocked and very happy in the mean time but later is sad that she cannot tell this truth to her friends Druv (her secret Crush), Meeta (her best friend) and Raja(Meeta’s Crush). In the starting even her brother doesn’t know that they have three fairies in their family later stage they tell him and Jiya’s Father Suraj comes to know on the day of the marriage that her wife is fairy and not only her wife but her Mother-in-law is also a fairy.

Serial shararatHe has to deal with all of them and he asks his family never to use magic in home but nani never agrees to him and always keep bullying him with her magic. The story continues when Jiya’s Enemy Pam tries to attract Druv towards her and Jiya to save her love does magic which is failed and she is caused in problem due to it. Later Nani comes and save her from trouble. The Three Fairies are always causing or the other problem to Suraj and he is really pissed from them. Rani Devi most of the times punishes Nani for misusing the magic but Jiya some how saves her. Shararat Continues Shanti who is a miserable character in the serial. Shanti is the neighbour of Jiya and who always goes to her home to ask something or the other. Shanti has a doubt that the Malhotra Family is not normal and hence she is always spying on them. But Nani takes Revenge from Shanti by Turning her into a Animal or Bird or Even vegetables sometime. Really Nani and Shanti are a fun Duo to watch.

shararatShararat is really a very nice magical comedy series which is full of magic and comedy and is a fun to watch show. To watch Shararat Episodes Online you can just visit the Link Below which is official site of Rajshri who are the makers of Shararat. There are more than 190 Episodes to watch so enjoy :D.

Watch Shararat Episodes Online

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