Ninja Warrior now on Hungama TV

Set in the early 1997 in Japan and was produced by Monster9, a fun and entertaining Ninja Warrior had become famous since then. An entertainment sports television series which encourages people to join and compete with each other on different kinds of obstacles courses. One hundred participants must compete with each other and complete each obstacle course in order to clear the game. Each obstacle course has its own difficulties so participants must do their best to clear the game. Most of the participants are athletes and must have the strength and endurance as Ninja Warrior is not suitable for those who have weak stamina.

Ninja Warrior 2

Before the actual game, there had been a series of auditions for contestants. It is not a game for those who only seek adventure. It is for those who have strong body endurance, commitment, and passion. A lot of contestants have failed on auditions and this is to be expected as this program is for those who have goals and have a deep concentration to avoid any disturbances that might cause the player to lose the game.

Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior was a popular sports entertainment TV series in Japan and has shown to over 160 countries worldwide under Tokyo Broadcasting System or TBS. This contest had an airing time of 3 hour every program exclusively in Japan and a 30 minute time for other countries per episode. The very first competition was held indoors which was the only time that it had not been played outside. Because of the Monster9 bankruptcy on November in the year 2011, all legal rights had been passed down to Tokyo Broadcasting System. There are many similar type of TV Shows like Takeshi’s Castle but Ninja Warrior is the most successful TV series in this genre.

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