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Akbar and Birbal or Tales of Akbar and Birbal is being aired on Disney Channel. The show is basically animated version of Akbar and Birbal stories which you might have read in books and comics. The show is full of humor and fun with many jokes involved in it. I think the Disney channel has chosen the best of Akbar Birbal stories and telecasted them as they are very nice and full of entertainment with moral values involved too.

The Akbar Birbal jokes are really amazing as they teach us something and makes us laugh too. It also represent the heritage of India. Akbar the Great was the son of Humayun and was one of the best and powerful ruler of all the time. He was made the emperor of the Mughal throne when he was mere thirteen years old. After that he defeated many kings and expanded the Mughal dynasty.


Birbal or Raja Birbal was the most trusted, Intelligent and loved minister of the Akbar’s council. Akbar trusted him alot and was never angry on any mistakes he made. He use to always seek advice of Birbal in any trouble and use to treat him more like his brother. Though sometimes Akbar would be mad at Birbal due to some of his court men who hated Birbal but later Birbal used to solve the mystery and make Akbar happy again. Even Akbar’s wife hated Birbal for the only reason that Akbar didn’t make her brother Grand Vizier and instead made Birbal the Grand Vizier of the Mughal court. All of the other court members hated him too as every time Birbal used to crack the mystery and take all the rewards and they wouldn’t get a chance. They even plan to kill Birbal in many episodes but he escapes due to his intelligence.

The council of nine members was also known as navaratna, meaning nine jewels. In the last the Birbal is killed by one of the court man who is jealous of Birbal being close to the Akbar. You can Watch the Tales of Watch Akbar and Birbal Online Below.

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