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Hatim is an action packed TV Series which was aired on Star Plus and Currently being shown on Disney Channel and Star Utsav. Hatim is based on a Legendary Character of “Arabian Nights” who is called as Hatim Tai and is the Prince of Yemen. Hatim have to save his Girl Friend Jasmine, who is the princess of paristan, from the Evil Dajjal who wants to marry jasmine and take over the Paristan and eventually the whole universe as he was said that if he marry the princess of paristan he will become the most powerful man in the universe.

hatimHatim have to Fight and Defeat Dajjal but its not so easy as he has to weaken him first by finding correct answers to Seven question. Hatim is accompanied by Hobo, who is a weird type of man to help Hatim in his journey but Hobo causes many problems to Hatim instead of helping him by his weird and funny behaviors. The series became very entertaining as Hatim and Hobo travels different places to get the answers and encounters aliens and kills them. some of the places shown are very beautiful and some are very scary. The series is fast moving and it gets really interesting with the Music, Humor and Action involved. Hatim is one of the best Action TV series ever made and it has even got many awards too like Best Children Program, Best Make up, Best Costume and many more. Hatim TV Series has become very popular not only in India but also in America and some other countries. So to Watch Hatim (TV Series) Online Visit the Link below which is the official site of creators of Hatim.

Watch Hatim Online

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