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Among the lineup of shows that Pogo TV has to offer, Sunaina is certainly quite a distinct television series. From the first impression you might just think that the series is a simple TV series about an ordinary teenager but it is much more than that.


The main plot of this television series is based upon Sunania, who is the fifteen year old protagonist of the show. While she certainly has an amazing family and what seems like an ordinary life, there is one thing that is not so ordinary about this average teenager. She actually has a gift which enables any and all of her dreams to become a reality. While sometimes her dreams coming true has proven to be quite an amazing thing for Sunaina, at other times her ability has put herself, her friends and her family in trouble. The television show basically shows how Sunaina solves her problems with the right help and support.

sunaina 2

Thus each of the television show’s episodes revolves around one of Sunaina’s dreams coming through and the way in which her and her friends find a solution for it. Adding to the suspense is the fact that Sunaina’s family is yet not aware about her gift, while her small group of friends shares her secret and is always available for support. Since each episode is presented as half hour sitcom that is not only appealing for kids and teenagers but would even seem interesting for adults as well, to join their kids and enjoy the fun.


  1. i love the programme sunaina i am crazy about that i like ritu rishan suhail neena miss malpiker sunaina and all among these i like ritu the most

  2. I love cartoon

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