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Boys and girls these days tend to have their own favorite choices when it comes to the animated television shows they watch. Thus when it comes to a children’s television show like Bo on the Go!, girls will specifically like this animated show. As of now, Bo on the Go! is being broadcasted on CBC Television in the Kids’ CBC section and also on POGO TV.

Bo on the Go

As a children’s animated TV show, both boys and girls in fact will love to watch it. Children who are already familiar with shows like Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go, will definitely enjoy watching this animated cartoon as well, since it is following in the footsteps of those cartoons. While it’s “Animoves” plot element is quite similar to those of the animated shows mentioned, where children are instructed to learn and perform certain moves for the cartoon characters to move along with the show, yet Bo on the Go! offers many new things to its young viewers.

Bo on the Go2

Most importantly the plot of this animated show is quite new and distinct. Bo, a girl and Dezzy, her sidekick dragon are the main characters of the show, which is major reason that girls will feel more attracted to the show, who are guided by a Wizard, as the duo sets forth on various adventures and come across challenges where the young viewers have to lend a hand to help them proceed.

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Even though Bo on the Go! has a familiar format, kids will nonetheless enjoy the interactive fun that this animated show has to offer. Play Bo On The Go Games or Watch Bo On The Go Videos by visiting the links below.

Bo On The Go Games

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